Newborn Puppy Wrapped in Panda Express Bag Saved From Dumpster

Joanna Cipriani saw a call for help on a community Facebook page in Arizona after a tiny puppy was seen wrapped in a Panda Express bag and tossed into a dumpster. Cipriani saw where the dumpster was and rushed to the scene. “The kids grabbed my ankles and I went in,” she said. She dug through three quarters of the dumpster to get to the puppy. “One person’s trash is now my treasure. I don’t see how people can be so heartless for anything living.” Cipriani took the young pup to an emergency animal clinic and is now bottle-feeding her. She named her Panda. — Learn more at NBC News

Update: We heard from Joanna, and Panda will be available for adoption from Surrendered Souls Rescue in about 10 weeks. We hope she finds a great forever home!


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