North Carolina Surfer Saves Drowning Fawn

Tyler Balak was surfing off Hatteras Island, North Carolina, last month, when he spotted something floating in the water a few hundred feet off shore. He paddled closer, and was shocked to discover it was a fawn struggling to stay afloat. He picked the limp baby deer up and brought it to the shore, where his friend wrapped it in a towel. They brought the shaking animal to nearby Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation for help. Once the fawn recovered from its shock and the president of the non-profit determined it was healthy, they released him back into the wild, near where it was found. "So glad we could give this little guy another chance," Balak wrote in a Facebook post. — Read it at People Pets

It's not every day you go on a surf trip and end up rescuing a drowning fawn from the line up. Good on ya @dr_tylerbalak .

Posted by TheWildLyfe on Friday, July 31, 2015


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