One Vet's Take on Alternative Pet Medicine Practitioners

Dog getting acupuncture

Para-Professionals Have a Place

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t bar licensed professionals from practicing their art and science on animals — not as long as they secure pet-specific certification. Indeed, I believe very strongly that there’s a place for para-veterinary professionals. As long as they stick to the role they’ve been trained for and as long as there’s an affiliated vet to deal with any fallout, I firmly believe many pets can find better, more affordable care this way.

After all, veterinarians can't possibly specialize in everything. As is now commonplace in the case of human physicians, there should be a place for trained acupuncturists, masseuses, chiropractors, physical therapists and such. Why should veterinary medicine be any different?

Not that my opinion is too popular within certain sectors of the veterinary community. But, then, I think that’s starting to change as more and more of us believe, as I do, that an expanded menu of offerings from a certified workforce is ultimately best for pets. What do you think?


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