Onesie Celebrates Bo's Second Term as First Dog

baby in onesie
Presidential Inauguration Store

It's Inauguration Day, and while the focus will be on President Obama's swearing-in, we're looking forward to four more years of Bo in the White House. Bo the dog, we mean. You can show your support— or your baby's — of the First Dog with this adorable paw print onesie. Made from 100% organic cotton, the "I PAW BO" design will be relevant long past Inauguration Day. And we can't help liking that it's both an endorsement of the Obama's pup and of the president himself (because you know, Barack Obama = BO).

If the onesie isn't for you, the Presidential Inauguration store has some great keepsake buttons for $5 each: I PAW BO and our favorite, Snow Bo (featuring a photo the real Bo in front of the Presidential seal).

Bo Paw Baby Onesie, $20 at the Presidential Inauguration Store.

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