Orphaned Sea Otter Pup Rescued in Alaska

Meshik the sea otter
Meshik is adjusting at the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Meshik is one pup who is guaranteed to make you smile. This three-week-old sea otter is named for Meshik Beach, near Port Heiden, Alaska, where he was found last week. Local residents discovered the male pup with his dead mother, and took over caring for him overnight, feeding him every four hours at the direction of the Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC), according to ZooBorns.

Meshik was then flown to King Salmon, Alaska, where an ASLC veterinarian joined Meshik for the remaining part of his trip to the ASLC marine rehabilitation center in Seward. The Alaska SeaLife Center is the sole only permanent marine rehabilitation center in the state of Alaska; their Stranding program cares for sea otters like Meshik, and relies entirely on donations for funding.

Weighing in at seven pounds, the adorable pup was in “good body condition” and took to suckling from a bottle on his first try, according to ASLC.

After being re-hydrated, Meshik slowly transitioned to a formula specially made for sea otter pups. It includes squid, clams and essential nutrients. He has a feeding every three hours, around the clock.

The center says Meshik has begun a new routine, which includes eating, sleeping, swimming and grooming.

You can see him in action at ASLC in the video below.


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