Our New Favorite Hashtag: #pugsofinstagram

Hold onto your eyeballs, because this is the best thing we've seen on the Internet all day. Actually, this might be the best thing we've seen on the Internet ... well, ever. Are you ready for it? Welcome to our favorite new hashtag: #pugsofinstagram.

Some people use hashtags to track tweets about current events, like, say, #OccupyWallStreet and the #Oscars. And others use them to track really important things, like pictures of wrinkly-faced puppies. These adorable Pug images are made even better with Instagram, an app that uses photo filters to change the feel and tone of pictures.

The awesome Pug club photo by Twitter user @minniemaxpugs is just one of the pictures filed under this hashtag; you can see the rest here. (If you have something important to do for the next 10 — or 30 — minutes, we suggest holding off on clicking the link. Just sayin'. )

Spoiler alert: This is the first post in our series about fantastic #____ofinstagram hashtags, so stay tuned for more adorableness. Until next time, Pug lovers!


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