Pair of Tiger Cubs Born at U.K. Zoo

Chester Zoo Sumatran tiger cubs
Chester Zoo

Kirana, a critically endangered Sumatran tiger, is proving herself a protective and caring mom to her two little cubs. The babies were born on June 3, waking mom and dad, Fabi, from their slumber in their den at the Chester Zoo. The births were captured on video, below.

This is the second pair of cubs for Kirana. She gave birth to sisters Nila and Tila in October 2011. They were moved to other zoos last year as part of a breeding program. Nila now lives at Le Pal in France and Tila resides at Heidelberg Zoo in Germany.

Kirana’s keepers say she keeps a careful eye on her newborns, and can be spotted giving them a gentle bath, as pictured in the photo below.

Chester Zoo tiger cub and mom
Chester Zoo
Mom Kirana gives one of her two cubs a bath.

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