Panda Cub Squawks for Mama

Viewers who were up late watching the National Zoo’s Panda Cam got a good view of Mei Xiang’s newborn when she momentarily put it down overnight when it was just six days old.

Like any mom of an infant, Mei was probably just looking for a little break when she gently placed the cub on the floor in their den at 3:37 a.m.

But the baby bear wasn’t having it.

The rare view of the cub helped panda keepers see that it is well fed — and has a terrific set of lungs. It squawked as loud as it could until Mei cautiously picked it back up for a snuggle.

The cub was born on Aug. 23, and is Mei Xiang’s second surviving offspring. The zoo’s animal care team says both mom and baby are thriving. They haven’t yet been able to determine the cub’s gender.


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