Panda Cub’s Big Brother Steals the Spotlight on His Birthday

The San Diego Zoo's panda Yun Zi with his 3rd birthday cake.
Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo's panda Yun Zi with his 3rd birthday cake.

When a new baby comes along, older siblings can sometimes feel a little left out. Savvy parents know it pays to distract the older sibling by lavishing them with attention, and Yun Zi’s third birthday was the perfect occasion. The San Diego Zoo celebrated the giant panda’s birthday just a week after the arrival of his younger sibling made headlines. Yun Zi was the fifth cub born at the zoo to Bai Yun, who’s now spending her days curled up in her den with her sixth cub. (You can watch her on the PandaCam.)

Yun Zi, who’s already bigger than dad Gao Gao at 180 pounds, indulged in a panda-perfect cake. Made from ice with frozen treats inside, the two-tiered cake was adorned with a “3” on the lower tier, and had bamboo leaves spelling out the bear’s name on the top level.

He went for the cupcakes adorning the top of the cake first, and then — like any 3-year-old — jumped to his presents. Yun Zi knocked them down and tore them open to find … more food!

The birth of Yun Zi’s younger sibling (it’s too early to say whether it’s a brother or a sister) made the San Diego Zoo the most successful breeding facility outside of China.

While we can’t wait to get a good look at the new cub, we’ll take the adorable picture of Yun Zi celebrating for now.

From Vetstreet: An Inside Look at the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Program


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