Peacock Pillow Helps You Strut Your Stuff

Peacock pillow

If you look to the animal kingdom for inspiration to give your home a more lavish feel, what animal would help you show off more than a beautiful peacock?

That’s why we love this pillow, which feels like a tribute to our favorite pheasant.

It was designed by Marlo Lorenz, who created THRO, a line of accent pillows and throw blankets. The pillow features the peacock’s rich teal and blue colors, with some sequins to help recall the iridescence of the bird’s feathers, and of course, trailing plumage.

We’re ready to redecorate a room around it, how about you? OK, it can be a pick-me-up for the décor you already have.

THRO by Marlo Lorenz Fancy Peacock Pillow, Amazon, $34.04.


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