Perth Zoo Celebrates Birth of Rare African Painted Dogs

African Painted Dogs
Perth Zoo

The African painted dog species is highly threatened, so a birth in Australia gave keepers there a good reason to celebrate. Seven good reasons, in fact. An 8-year-old African painted dog named Mara successfully gave birth to seven tri-colored pups last month at the Perth Zoo, and they only recently ventured out of their underground den.

"Zoo staff are extremely pleased to see the pups of the den and other pack members cooperating with the care of the young," Environment Minister Bill Marmion said in a press release.

There are only 3,000 African painted dogs left in the wild. Besides Mara and her pups, the Perth Zoo's pack has seven adult males and five adult females.

And it sounds like everyone is pitching in to help raise the little ones. Within the dog packs, the adults regurgitate their meals to help feed the pups and make sure they become part of the group. Talk about community!


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