Pet Blogs From Across the World Wide Web

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Americans aren’t the only ones who love pets enough to blog about them! We scoured the web to find the best pet blogs from across the globe and here are some of the fun, informative and interesting ones we found.

PetNet (United Kingdom)

The UK’s online destination for dog and cat owners, PetNet, offers expert advice, local and world news, contests, product information, forums and more. For dog owners, the Park Bench blog is the place to be for everything dog, where a team of bloggers share their tips and insights about dog ownership.

And, for cat owners, visit the Scratching Post blog for mew-sings and information about living with cats.

Dog’s Trust Blog (United Kingdom)

You’ve likely heard of Dog’s Trust, the largest dog welfare organization in the UK. Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust works to rehome dogs across the UK, educate the public about the plight of homeless dogs, promote spay and neuter, and more. The Dog’s Trust blog is a snappy read that incorporates the fun side of dog ownership into the more serious issue of animal welfare.

Pets (Ireland)

A site established to help find pets happy homes, also features an informative blog offering pet related news, breed information and more to Ireland’s pet loving community.

Pete the Vet (Ireland)

An Ireland-based veterinarian, Dr. Pete Wedderbern, a.k.a. Pete the Vet, covers a variety of topics including pet health, pet news, heartwarming pet stories, animal welfare and more. As the resident pet expert for the London Telegraph Pete the Vet often expands on articles and issues there as well.

Irish Dogs (Ireland)

Those Irish sure love their dogs! Irish Dogs has more than 3,500 articles, a news and pet care blog, podcasts and a highly interactive community of Irish and UK dog owners.


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