Pet Fur Vacuum Review 2015: We Put Dyson, Panasonic and Bissell to the Test

Panasonic JetForce MC-UL429

Panasonic JetForce MC-UL429 vacuum
Credit: Panasonic
The Panasonic JetForce vacuum includes a PetGlide attachment for furniture.

The Panasonic JetForce is powerful, easy to maneuver, a cinch to empty and clean, and comes with some really handy tools. It’s not cordless, but the cord is 24 feet long and automatically retracts. It features a pet-specific attachment to make removing the fur from your furniture simple.

Price: $149.99 (on sale for $121.99)

Best for: Those who don’t mind a cord and want some pet-specific features at a very reasonable price point.

Features: It’s bagless, the bin comes fully apart to dump out all contents easily and it has some handy pet hair–friendly attachments.

Weight: 15 pounds

Run time: N/A (plugs in)

Attachments: PetGlide brush, Extended Reach telescopic crevice tool with a 13-foot reach and the ability to expand from 14 inches to 29 inches.

What I liked: It’s very effective on all my floor types, the PetGlide tool is handy for furniture and I really can get just about every nook and cranny (high or low!) with the telescopic crevice tool and removable dusting brush. The bin didn’t need to be emptied as often as the others, and when it did fill up, I didn’t have to remove a filter. If fur happened to get up beyond the fill line, it was easy to take the canister apart to empty it out fully. And for the power you get, the price is nice.

What I didn’t like:The cord and the weight (it’s still lighter than many other uprights, which are often close to 20 pounds, just not as light as the cordless vacuums reviewed here).

Bissell Bolt ION

Bissell Ion Bolt Vacuum
Credit: Bissell
This cordless Bissell vacuum includes a detachable hand vac for quick cleanups and small spaces.

The Bissell Bolt ION isn’t quite as powerful as the other two vacuums reviewed, but it has impressive versatility and is extremely easy to use.

Price: $179.99

Best for: Those who are budget conscious, have mainly smooth flooring and are seeking a cordless vacuum for all their needs.

Features: It’s bagless, cordless, comes with a charging base, has a removable hand vac, as well as edge bristles, and a brush roll on/off switch. There are normal and boosted suction settings, plus 180-degree swivel steering and a two-way folding handle to make getting underneath furniture simple. EdgeReach technology delivers suction to the edges of the vacuum to make it a little easier to get the stuff that hides in the edges and corners, too.

Weight: 5.6 pounds

Run time: Up to 30 minutes

Attachments: Crevice tool, combination dusting brush/upholstery tool.

What I liked: It’s lightweight, versatile, easy to use, and the price is great. It might not maneuver quite as smoothly as the Dyson, but it glides nicely, and changing direction is a breeze. It easily sucks up all the fur and dirt on my floors, and when it needs more than suction alone, a push of a button turns on the brushes to get things moving.

What I didn’t like: It’s not as powerful as the other two options. It does the job perfectly well on smooth floors and did a pretty decent job on my low-pile rugs, but if I had a lot of high-pile carpets, it might not be the best pick. And I don’t love having to take out the filter every time I empty the bin — there’s no way to keep your fingers from getting dirty.

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