Pet Scoop: 14-Year-Old Lab Saved After 9-Mile Swim, Great Dane Gets Trapped in Tree

April 13, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Fergie is warmed up on a Miami Fire Rescue boat after she was pulled from the water.
Fergie is warmed up on a Miami Fire Rescue boat after she was pulled from the water.

Dog Rescued Off South Florida

A senior black Labrador Retriever mix was pulled out of the waters off Biscayne Bay in South Florida by a Miami Fire Rescue boat after swimming approximately 9 miles from her home in Coral Gables. A local resident spotted 14-year-old Fergie in the middle of the bay and called 911, and help was dispatched immediately. She swam directly at the rescue boat when she spotted it, and was warmed up once she was on board. Apparently while Fergie’s owners were out, she jumped into the water in search of them. They didn’t realize she could get out of the house. Wagging her tail ecstatically, Fergie was reunited with her family once she was safely back on shore. — Read it at People Pets

Britain’s Foreign Office Hires Shelter Cat

A 2-year-old cat who was found wandering the streets of London now has a new job at an exclusive address in the city. Britain’s Foreign Office worked with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to fill the position of Chief Mouser at their King Charles Street building with its most qualified feline. “He's a very confident cat, loves being with people, and enjoys a good chin rub,” said Battersea’s Lindsey Quinlan. “If his behavior at Battersea is anything to go by, we predict Palmerston will be a formidable feline, very deserving of his new name.” The cat was named after a former prime minister. He joins the government’s other famed mousers, including Larry, who lives at Prime Minister David Cameron’s home at 10 Downing Street, and Freya, who lives next door with the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s family. — Read it at the U.K.’s BBC News

Wolf and Lynx Meet in the Wild

Endangered wildlife in Europe is on the rebound, and a remote camera captured rare footage of a wolf and a lynx family having an unusual encounter. The animals didn’t seem to know what to make of each other, and would challenge each other as they got closer. Eventually, the lynx appears to chase the wolf off into the snowy landscape. — Watch it at Live Science

Firefighters and police in Nebraska helped get a Great Dane down from a tree branch.
Firefighters and police in Nebraska helped get a Great Dane down from a tree branch.

Great Dane Stuck in Tree

When Wes McGuirk returned to his Nebraska home after going out to dinner on Saturday night, he couldn’t find his Great Dane. Using a flashlight, he searched the backyard and thought he heard something. “I heard the whimper again, and it was above me,” he said. There was Kora, his 120-pound pooch, standing on a tree branch 20 feet up. “I was like, ‘How on earth did you get up there?'” he said. After trying unsuccessfully to get her down, McGuirk called for help. Local firefighters and police responded and were able to lower her from the tree to a tarp that they positioned under her. Kora wasn’t injured in the incident, and was happy to be back on the ground. “This is one of those calls that had a great outcome and will not soon be forgotten,” the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department posted on Facebook. — Read it at Ohio’s Fox 8

Dog and Cat BFFs Adopted Together

Days after a sweet video showed their touching reunion at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California, a dog-and-cat duo was adopted together. Ami, an 18-month-old Shepherd, smothered her companion, a 9-month-old cat named Mikaela, with kisses when they were able to visit with each other at the shelter. They were being kept in separate kennels because of their size difference. Their former family, who surrendered them because they had to move out of the country, said the pair connected from the moment they brought the kitten home. The shelter said on Monday that the besties had been adopted together, and shared a photo of them with their new family on Facebook. — Read it at NBC Los Angeles


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