Pet Scoop: 16-Year-Old Dog Rescued From Pipe, “Parrot Fever” Infects Arizona Lovebirds

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Sierra, a 16-yera-old Siberian Husky, was rescued from a drainage pipe where she was stuck for three days.
Sierra, a 16-yera-old Siberian Husky, was rescued from a drainage pipe where she was stuck for three days

Neighbors Save Senior Dog

Jimmi Winstead is thanking her neighbors in Tennessee for saving the life of her 16-year-old Siberian Husky, Sierra. Winstead was vacationing in Florida when she got word that Sierra had disappeared after a storm. Thankfully, one of her neighbors heard the dog crying from a drainage pipe, where she’d been stuck for three days. They called the sheriff’s office, and deputies got a friend with a backhoe to come and dig a hole large enough for two men to crawl down and rescue Sierra. In the end, about 20 people who Winstead had never met worked together to save her dog. "I could not thank everybody enough for being so willing to help my baby,” she said. After a trip to the emergency veterinarian, Sierra is recovering at home. — Watch it at Tennessee’s Local 8 Now

Disease Found in Lovebirds Can Infect People

Game and Fish Department officials in Arizona are warning residents that parrot fever, or psittacosis, has been found in lovebirds in Scottsdale. A homeowner found 20 of the birds dead in his backyard, and officials confirm they had the disease. The disease can spread to humans, who are sometimes exposed when they inhale the organism while cleaning up an infected area. Symptoms can include a nagging cough, achiness and an eye infection. — Read it at Arizona’s AZ Central

Scientists Identify New Dolphin Species

The 8-foot Australian humpback dolphin was hiding in plain sight — it had been misclassified as one of its three cousins. Researchers have now determined S. sahulensis is a separate species based on its skeletal structure, genetics, habitat and a coloration pattern that makes it look like it’s wearing a cape. "It is pretty rare to have the opportunity to name a new cetacean species," said study co-author Howard Rosenbaum of the Wildlife Conservation Society. The dolphins are found in parts of the Indian, Pacific and eastern Atlantic oceans. The findings were published in the journal Marine Mammal Science. — Read it Live Science

Veteran Marine Corporal Matt Foster was reunited with his retiring K9 partner Mick Thursday.
Veteran Marine Corporal Matt Foster was reunited with his retiring K9 partner Mick Thursday.

Marine Reunited With K9 Partner

Marine veteran Corporal Matt Foster waited more than a year to see the partner he says he owes his life to: Mick the Labrador Retriever. Mick served four deployments with the Marines, and his last was 8 months in Afghanistan with Foster, sniffing out hidden bombs. Foster was reunited with the retiring 7-year-old canine Thursday at Denver International Airport. “He deserves the world and I plan on giving that to him," Foster said. "He's a brother. Everybody in my unit's been texting and calling me saying they're so excited, and they're going to come visit and see him, because everybody loves him so much. He's one of the guys." — Watch it at Colorado’s 9News

Bear Escapes Zoo Enclosure to Swim With Seals

The Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas was on lockdown for 90 minutes Monday while the staff rounded up a black bear who decided to go for a swim. A visitor saw the 220-pound bear trying to climb a wall in his enclosure and went to report it to the staff. But by the time they got to Oscar’s exhibit, he’d already gotten out. "He meandered his way through the amphitheater and into the harbor seals' pool for a dip," said zoo spokeswoman Cynthia Galvan. Officials tranquilized the 4-year-old bear, and he’s staying in his sleeping quarters until the concrete wall in his grotto is repaired. — Read it at People Pets


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