Pet Scoop: 7 Dumpster Puppies Thrive at Nevada Shelter, Baby Gorilla Born in San Diego

December 29, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Abandoned Puppies Nursed Round the Clock

Seven 2-day old puppies left for dead in a California dumpster in October are now all fully recovered and in forever homes, thanks to some committed shelter workers in another state. The Pet Network Humane Society in Nevada took the pups in when the California shelter where they were initially taken reached out for help. Volunteers atthe no-kill shelterbottle-fed the pups every two hoursfor five weeks,until they were old enough to transition to gruel. As of last week, all seven healthy puppies have been adopted into permanent homes. "That's why I do what I do," said Jason Stipp, executive director of Pet Network. "It's a beautiful thing to save those lives."—Read it at Today

Hawaiian Monk Seals Making a Comeback

With less than 1,200 Hawaiian monk seals left in the wild, the species is considered critically endangered. But there’s good news for the adorable animals — there were 121 seal births in 2014, up from 103 in 2013. It may not seem like a big jump, but experts say for such a small population, the increase is a big victory. —Read it at Huffington Post

Dog Gets Permanent Home at Siberian Hospital

Since Masha’s elderly owner was admitted to the Novosibirsk District Hospital Number One in Siberia in December of 2013, the loyal Dachsund has continued to return to the hospital to see him —even though the man sadly passed away shortly after he was admitted. Over the past year, three people have tried to adopt the dog, but every adoption failed; each time, Masha ran away from her new home and returned to the hospital. And so the hospital staff, who have been caring for Masha since her owner died, have decided to give her permanent residence status. “Here all the patients come to her, stroke her and give something tasty, especially the older people,” said nurse Alla Vorontsova. “She warms their hearts.” — Read it at RT News

Gorilla Born at San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park announced a new addition last night on Twitter —a baby gorilla. “We got the best Christmas gift of all...a baby gorilla! More photos and video coming soon.” It’s the second baby gorilla to be born at the park this year — the zoo welcomed baby gorilla Joanne in March. — See the photo on Twitter

Hugh Jackman Names New Pup

Last week, we told you about Hugh Jackman’s new dog, a caramel-colored pooch who joined Jackman’s French bulldog Dali, bringing the actor’s pup count to two. On Friday, Jackman announced the name of his newest family member — Allegra — and posted a video of her on Instagram. — Read it at People Pets

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