Pet Scoop: Abandoned Baby Rhino Rescued in India, 2015 Hero Dog Dies at Age 15

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At less than 2 weeks old, an abandoned greater one-horned rhino is being nursed back to health in a park in India.
The baby rhino gets a bottle at a park in India.

12-Day-Old Rhino Bottle Fed

A baby greater one-horned rhino is being nursed back to health after he was found lying alone in a stream in a remote forest region of Kaziranga National Park in India last week. The 12-day-old calf was distressed and dehydrated after being abandoned by his mom. Now, the calf is wearing a warm blanket and drinking from a bottle at the IFAW’s Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, where he’s being hand-raised and interacting with other calves. The patient will be released back in to the wild when he’s about 3 years old, and less vulnerable to attacks by other animals. — Read it at NDTV and watch it at YouTube

Elusive Marbled Cats Caught on Camera

Remote infrared camera traps are helping researchers determine how many extremely elusive marbled cats live in the forests of Malaysian Borneo. The cameras revealed that the largest numbers of the cats are in the lowlands, where the forest is undisturbed. However, there are some cats still living in areas that are being logged. “This lends further weight to the argument that such disturbed forests are important to the conservation of biodiversity and should be preserved wherever possible,” said the study’s lead researcher, Andrew Hearn, a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. — See photos at Discovery News

Study: Dogs Labeled Pit Bulls Stay in Shelters Three Times Longer

A new study finds that dogs who are identified as Pit Bulls may wait three times as long to get adopted as lookalikes who have a different label. The researchers found that dogs labeled Pit Bulls were perceived to be less adoptable than other breeds, and that they’re considered less friendly and more aggressive. "We were surprised how very similar looking dogs sometimes get labeled ‘Pit Bull’ and other times as something completely different. These dogs may look and act the same, but the Pit Bull label damns them to a much longer wait to adoption,” said author Lisa Gunter of Arizona State University. The findings were published in PLOS ONE. — Read it at Science Daily

Harley, a puppy mill survivor, won the American Hero Dog Award for 2015.
Harley, a puppy mill survivor, won the American Hero Dog Award for 2015.

2015 “Hero Dog” Dies at Age 15

Harley, a tiny Chihuahua, had a big impact in the last few years of his life. The 6-pound, one-eyed dog lived his first 10 years in a cage before he was rescued from a puppy mill. In addition to losing an eye during his years there, he also suffered from a broken tail, gnarled toes and heart disease. Despite his health problems, Harley thrived with his new family and went on to raise awareness for puppy mill dogs. In the fall, he was named the American Hero Dog of 2015 by the American Humane Association. "Harley was a little dog with a big mission," said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association. "His work and his mission will live on, and his legacy will be to inspire all of us to work together and make a better world for our best friends.” — Read it at Today

Rare Orangutan Born in Indianapolis

A sweet baby orangutan was born to mom Sirih at the Indianapolis Zoo on Wednesday. The baby is nursing and bonding with mom, and the staff says they’re both doing well. “Sirih keeps baby close,” the zoo wrote on Facebook with some baby photos. The two are now in a private area, and the staff doesn’t yet know the baby’s gender. — Read it and see photos from the Indianapolis Zoo via Facebook


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