Pet Scoop: Abandoned Dog Saves Puppies, Video Shows Eagle’s View of Dubai

March 16, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Hero led his own rescuers to 10 puppies and a mom who needed help.
Hero led his own rescuers to 10 puppies and a mom who needed help.

Hero Dog Gets Help for 10 Pups

After being abandoned in a Dallas park, a black dog eluded rescuers for days — until last week. On Tuesday night, he barked incessantly at them.“Every time we got closer he would go away and bark at us saying, ‘Keep coming. Keep coming my way,’” said animal behaviorist John Miller. The rescue team followed the dog into dense, dark woods — and soon heard puppies crying. “Somehow we found them and in a burnt out tree right by the creek in the mud, just mom and babies and it’s pitch black and it’s so difficult to get there,”said Marina Tarashevsce from the rescue Dallas Dogrrr. (The three Rs stand for rescue, rehab and reform.) The mom, Mona, her 10 puppies and the dog — who’s been named Hero — are now living in a foster home. According to Dallas Dogrrr, while Hero “might not be the biological father, he is the most loving and nurturing dog dad.” — Watch it at CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

33 Lions Headed to Colorado Sanctuary

In a “monumental rescue,” African lions confiscated from circuses are getting ready to leave Peru for their new home in Colorado. A year ago, the country outlawed animal use in shows. The circuses that didn’t comply with the ban now have animals who need a place to go, and the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado has agreed to take them. The next step is to get them there. “This will be the world’s largest airlift of African lions in history,” said Pat Craig, who runs the sanctuary. Some of the lions are in poor health because of the way they were treated. In about two weeks, Craig plans to charter a 767 cargo jet to bring the lions to the U.S. Once in their new home, they’ll be split into groups that will hopefully become prides. — Watch it at NBC News

Crews Save Woman and Dog From Ice Floe

Firefighters in Hingham, Massachusetts, came to the rescue of a woman who’d gone out on an ice floe after two wayward dogs Sunday morning. The woman, who is not the dogs’ owner, saw them walk out onto the ice. Concerned for their safety, she went after them and ended up getting stuck herself. She fell into the frigid waters while trying to navigate the ice. One of the dogs walked off the ice and back to shore, but the second dog was scared. Firefighters ended up carrying the dog to safety, and they used a ladder to help the woman back onto shore. "I don't think the woman had any idea she was going to go swimming when she stepped out into this stuff," said Hingham Fire Captain Steve Murphy. "It didn't hold her, but eventually she got to a larger piece that did hold her." Neither the woman nor the dog was injured in the incident, and the dog was reunited with its owner. Officials advise people to call 911 instead of going into icy water after a dog. — Watch it at Boston’s WCVB

Darshan gave a stunning birds-eye tour of Dubai.
Darshan gave a stunning birds-eye tour of Dubai.

Video Shows Eagle-Eye View

Members of the group Freedom Conservation attached a tiny video camera to the back of an eagle named Darshan, who took off from the top of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai. The amazing video released Saturday shows the bird soaring 2,700 feet and includes stunning views of the city in the United Arab Emirates. Darshan’s handler, Jacques-Olivier, waited in a local park, waving to the bird. In the video, Darshan makes an amazing dive down to land on his handler’s arm as a crowd cheers. Freedom Conservation says the goal of the flight was to raise awareness of the plight of endangered eagles. — Watch it at ABC News

A Dozen Sea Lion Pups Released

Record numbers of sea lion pups have been stranded along the California coast this year, sick and starving. Rescues are packed with the animals, and SeaWorld San Diego suspended its sea lion and otter show to use its resources to help the suffering animals. But there was some good news Friday for about a dozen sea lion pups: After being rehabilitated at SeaWorld, the recovered pups were set free in their ocean home. — Watch it at KSWB San Diego via Yahoo


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