Pet Scoop: Adorable Trio of Rare Leopards Born, One-Eyed Cat Found After 4 Years

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Three adorable clouded leopard cubs were born at the Point Defiance Zoo.
Three adorable clouded leopard cubs were born at the Point Defiance Zoo.

Cute Cubs Hand-Reared at Zoo

Three newborn endangered clouded leopards have brought triple the cuteness to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington. The spotted cubs were born on March 30 to first-time mom San Dao. They’re being cared for around-the-clock by their keepers, which is the established protocol for the species. They feed the squeaking babies seven times a day, and the zoo reports the cubs are eager to drink their special formula. They like to crawl all over each other and “huddle together closely, looking like a big ball of spotted fur with legs and tails sticking out,” the zoo said. Each of the cubs weighed about 13 ounces at their first checkup, and it’s still too early to determine their genders. The zoo will soon be asking for the public’s help in naming the siblings. — See more photos it at Zooborns

Study: With Less Sea Ice, Polar Bears Are Swimming More

A new study ties an increase of long-distance swimming by polar bears in the Beaufort Sea to climate change. Polar bears are making the swims more often, and they’re associated with sea ice melting faster and moving farther from the shore in the summer, the scientists said. In 2012, when Arctic sea ice hit a record low, 69 percent of the tracked adult females in the Beaufort Sea swam more than 31 miles at least once. "Recent studies indicate that swimming may be energetically costly to polar bears," said lead author Nicholas Pilfold of San Diego Zoo Global. "Given the continued trend of sea ice loss, we recognize that an increased frequency in the need to engage in this behavior may have serious implications for populations of polar bears living around the Arctic Basin." The study was published in the journal Ecography. — Read it at Science Daily

Rangers Deployed to Protect Dwarf Elephants

The national park service in Ivory Coast has sent teams of rangers to protect the West African country’s last surviving dwarf elephants from extinction. The elephants live in a 131 square mile national park that’s been threatened by rampant deforestation driven by the booming cocoa industry in the country. Up to 70 percent of Mount Peko park is occupied by cocoa farmers. — Read it from the AFP via Yahoo

Georgie was reunited with his owner four years after he went missing.
Georgie was reunited with his owner four years after he went missing.

Sweet Reunion for One-Eyed Cat

Four years after he disappeared from his home in East Wall, Ireland, Georgie is back with his family. The black cat, who has only one eye, was brought in to the Dublin SPCA by a woman who’d been looking after him for the last year. “As with every dog or cat that comes into the shelter we automatically scan for a microchip and to our delight, Georgie was chipped,” the DSPCA said in a Facebook post last week. He was found about 30 minutes away from his original home, and a happy reunion ensued. “It was an emotional day for both the lady who had cared for Georgie and for Georgie's family who had desperately searched for their missing kitty,” the post said. — Read it at People Pets and find out what you should know about pet IDs

Firefighters Add Rescue Puppies to Charity Calendar

As it heads into its 24th edition next year, Australia’s famed Firefighters Calendar, which raises funds for two children’s hospitals, is adding a new dimension to its pages: puppies. The calendar has always featured buff firefighters. Now, it shows them holding adorable pups who are up for adoption through Safe Haven Animal Rescue. The firefighters have raised $1 million for charity since the calendar series started, and funds from the 2017 calendar will also go to the RSPCA. — See photos at Today


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