Pet Scoop: Afghan War Vet Faces Eviction Over Comfort Pup, “Dogs in the City” Show Debuts

May 30, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Mickey's owner says he's acted as a comfort dog to combat post-traumatic stress.
Mickey the Shih Tzu helps his owner, an Afghan war vet, combat post-traumatic stress.

Former Soldier Fights to Keep His Dog — and His Home

Eugene Ovsishcher calls Mickey, a 1-year-old Shih Tzu, his “medicine.” According to The New York Times, the Afghan war veteran got the pup after a psychiatrist told him that a dog could help him cope with post-traumatic stress. And Mickey has been a big help, waking his owner from nightmares and calming his anxiety. But like many buildings in New York City, Ovsishcher’s Brooklyn co-op doesn’t allow canines — and the board at this complex won’t recognize Mickey as a comfort dog. The parties are now headed to court next month. — Watch it at NBC New York

Justin Silver Dishes About His New Show, Dogs in the City

The reality show, Dogs in the City, debuts tonight on CBS, and host Justin Silver took time out to chat with Crittr. Silver, who owns a pet care business in New York City, talks about what makes city dogs — and their owners — different. “People have busy schedules, and they’re juggling a lot in small spaces,” he says. The nature of Silver's job also gives him some added insight about his clients, like “the supermodel who overcoddles her dog because it’s the only thing that’s not going to reject her if she eats an extra piece of lettuce.” — Read it at Crittr

Is the Bison Headed for National Mammal Status?

Legislation has been introduced in Congress to recognize the bison the national mammal of the United States. Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi introduced the National Bison Legacy Act — and the push for the symbolic designation has rare bipartisan support. "Since our frontier days, the bison has become a symbol of American strength and determination," said Enzi. — Read it at the LA Times

Home builders in Utah to cut through cement to rescue a litter of kittens.
Home builders in Utah cut through cement to rescue a litter of kittens.

Kittens Are Found Under a Cement Floor in Utah

Construction workers were stumped when they heard meowing coming from inside a home that they were building in Utah. After tearing apart walls, they finally cracked open the cement that they’d poured for the garage floor — two weeks ago — and discovered a litter of kittens that they were able to save. — Watch it at Today

French Open Officials Bring in Falcons to Combat Pigeons

About 30 pigeons had settled in at Roland Garros, the Paris home of the French Open. When loudspeaker noises failed to scare off the birds, falcons were brought in to keep the pesky pigeons away — and officials plan to keep the falcons around for the rest of the famed tennis tournament. — Read it at Fox Sports

Pomeranian Tumbles Off a Boat Into the Chicago River

A Pomeranian named Tank was reunited with his owners, thanks to some good Samaritans in Chicago. Tank, who was wearing a life vest, fell off his owners’ boat into the Chicago River on Sunday night. After searching for him into the early morning hours on Monday, they were about to give up hope when they got a call from a woman who'd spotted Tank on land — still wearing his life jacket. Another woman took Tank in and fed him, and then reunited him with his grateful owners. — Read it at CBS Chicago

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