Pet Scoop: Airline’s Dog Delivers Lost Items to Passengers, Dog Hit by Stolen Van Heads Home

Sept. 24, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Sherlock takes a selfie with a passenger who's happy he returned her lost phone.
Sherlock snaps a selfie with a passenger who's happy he returned her lost phone.

Beagle Tracks Down Passengers

Dutch airline KLM has revealed the secret to success for its lost and found service: a Beagle named Sherlock. The little dog works at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. When passengers leave things like cell phones, headphones, toys or stuffed animals on board their planes, staff members have Sherlock get a whiff of their scent and put the item into the blue vest he wears. He then runs down the concourse to sniff out the owner of the lost property and give it back to them. The airline says that between the staff’s vigilance in quickly locating things that are left behind as well as the help of social media and its adorable messenger, they’ve been able to return 80 percent of the items lost on its planes. And, everyone seems happy to have a visit from Sherlock. “When you see the reactions of the passengers, that really is amazing," says Sherlock’s trainer, Dirk van Driel. — Watch it at the Huffington Post

Baboon Harem Leaders Face Challenges

Being a male Gelada baboon leader might not be all it’s cracked up to be. A new study finds these harem leaders are often overworked and tired. "Being a gelada leader male is fairly exhausting," said co-author David Pappano of Princeton University. "In order to keep the females within his harem happy, gelada leader males spend a lot of time grooming them." They also have to put on a display of their prowess when single males are around, to keep their females interested. The study was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. — Read it at Discovery News

Teacher Saves Student From Fox

An elementary school gym teacher in East Windsor, Connecticut, is being called a hero for saving one of her second grade students from a fox. Elissa Daniele’s class was outside on the school’s playground Monday when a fox came out of the woods and attacked 7-year-old Evan Witzke. Daniele pulled the animal off the boy and corralled it into a recycling bin. She and another staff member were bitten in the process. Authorities think the same fox bit nearby resident Danielle Bopko earlier that day. All four people who were bitten are being treated for rabies as a precaution. — Read it at ABC News

Gordo, the dog who was struck by a stolen van in Los Angeles last week, is headed home.
Gordo, the dog who was struck by a stolen van in Los Angeles last week, is headed home.

Dog Hurt in L.A. Chase Going Home

There’s good news to report on Gordo, the white Maltese mix we told you about last week who had surgery on his injured leg after he was hit by a stolen van in Los Angeles. Veterinarians were able to save his back leg, and say they’re amazed by how well he’s recovering. He’s now ready to go home, although he’ll still need extensive physical therapy to get him walking on all four legs, said surgeon Kim Carey. Donations poured in for the little dog, and the funds that weren’t used to cover the costs of Gordo’s veterinary treatment will be used for his rehab. The driver of the van, Yovani Rodriguez, 21, pleaded guilty to several charges in the incident and was sentenced to two years in prison. — Watch it at CBS News

Fire Crew Saves Kitten From Car Engine

Sam Warrington, 26, and Lisa Merry, 43, were shocked to hear meowing coming from the engine of the car they were traveling in for a day trip in England. They spent an hour trying to coax the kitten from the engine compartment before calling the local fire department for help. "The fire crew was great,” said witness Sarah Whittley. “Quite a crowd assembled to watch them.” It took firefighters about half an hour to free the tortoiseshell cat. The kitten, who’s been named Saffy, is believed to be between 8 and 12 weeks old. She’s staying with Warrington, who plans to keep her unless her owner comes forward. — Read it at BBC News


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