Pet Scoop: "America's Got Talent" Goes to the Dogs, Photos Capture Lion Cub Meeting Dad

August 23, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Todd Oliver and Irving perform on America's Got Talent.
Todd Oliver and Irving head to the America's Got Talent semifinals. 

Second Dog Act Advances on America’s Got Talent

Just a few weeks after the acrobatic Olate dogs made it to the hit show’s semifinals, a “talking" pup was selected to join them. Ventriloquist Todd Oliver and his Boston Terrier, Irving, were brought back on the show as a wild card this week, and Wednesday night's results revealed that the duo will be moving on to the next stage of the competition. Irving, who’s running for president, gave a stump speech on the show, pitching himself as a black-and-white alternative to the candidates running against him. “If you vote for me, you get both,” said Irving. — Watch it at NBC, and read it at the San Jose Mercury News

Photographer Snaps Photos of a Lion Cub's First Encounter With Dad

Get ready to say “awww.” A photographer who embedded herself with a pride of lions in Kenya for three months has released amazing pictures of an adorable lion cub playing with his father. "That was literally the moment the cub first saw his dad ever," said photographer Suzi Eszterhas. "He kind of walked up shyly and then the dad immediately tried to play with him and the mom is watching the whole time to make sure the dad behaves. The whole moment is really special." The photos have been published in Eszterhas' new children’s book, Lion. — See the photos at ABC News via Yahoo

West Nile Virus Is on the Rise Among Horses

Humans aren’t the only ones who are suffering from the mosquito-transmitted West Nile virus this summer — at least 77 equine cases have been reported across the country. Veterinarians are urging owners to vaccinate their horses against the potentially fatal virus. — Read it at DVM 360

Pirelli got some much-needed help from generous Groupon shoppers.

Groupon Deal Helps a Puppy With a Prosthetic Paw

It was a hot deal for Pirelli, a 7-month-old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix who was born without a back paw. Groupon’s Grassroots campaign ran an offer in which bargain shoppers could donate $10 to help the growing Pirelli get new prosthetic boots — and $3,500 was raised for the puppy. Pirelli is training to be a spokesdog for the non-profit Canine Assistants, which provides service dogs for people with special needs. — Read it at People Pets, and follow Canine Assistants on Facebook

One of the World’s Oldest Pandas Passes Away

Bao Bao, a 34-year-old panda who was given to Germany by China in 1980, has died at a Berlin zoo, which says that he was the oldest known male panda in the world. — Read it from the AP

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