Pet Scoop: Baby Beaver Rescued on Golf Course, Cat Races Through Rugby Match

July 9, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

An injured baby beaver is being rehabilitated after being found on a golf course.
An injured baby beaver is being rehabilitated after being found on a golf course.

Rescued Beaver Loves His Tub

Wildlife experts near Calgary, Canada, shared adorable footage last week of a 4-to-6-week-old beaver who they rescued from a golf course in late June. The little guy was suffering from an injured tail and hanging out under a tree by himself — an unusual spot for a young beaver. “Our suspicion is that he was picked up by a predator and then dropped,” Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation executive director Holly Duvall told CBC News. “It’s not normal at this age for beaver kits to be separated from their parents. They’re very bonded.” The beaver is now up to 2.4 pounds, which is twice what he weighed when he was rescued. He’s expected to be in rehabilitation for two or three years, when the group hopes he’ll be ready to be released into the wild. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Cat Found on UPS Truck Delivered Home

With the help of a GPS tracking application and a UPS driver, Penny the cat is safely back home in Boston. Her owner, Margaret, said she got a notification on the app, Whistle, on Thursday, letting her know Penny was outside of a designated safe zone. She was able to see Penny’s location and realized she had to be inside a vehicle. She left work and started following Penny’s trail, and tracked the signal to a UPS truck. She flagged the driver down, but Margaret couldn’t find her cat when she searched the truck. Later that day, she saw the signal moving back toward her home, and the UPS truck arrived with a special delivery. The driver had found Penny stuck inside a box, and was happy to bring her home safely. — Read it at People Pets

Man Who Scared Dog With Fireworks Charged

A disturbing video that appeared to show an Atlanta man deliberately setting off fireworks to scare his dog on the Fourth of July went viral last week, and caused outrage. Now the man, William Scaffidi, has been charged with animal cruelty. Scaffidi, who posted the video on Facebook himself, insists that he didn’t know his 4-year-old Husky mix was there. But the video was shared by neighbors who believed he purposely scared the dog, Betty Boop. For now, the dog was allowed to remain in the home. — Read it at WSB-TV Atlanta

A black cat darted across a field during a rugby match in Sydney.
A black cat darted across a field during a rugby match in Sydney.

Black Cat Runs Across Rugby Field

A black cat seemingly brought some bad luck to Sydney’s Penrith Panthers rugby team as it dashed across the field in the second half of their match with the Cronulla Sharks on Sunday afternoon. The speedy feline ran down the sideline and into the goal area. Some social media users joked that the cat would be a better player than some of the other Panthers, who lost the match 26-10. “Get that cat back on. He's Penrith's best so far,” Tweeted one woman. — Watch it at the U.K.’s Daily Mail

Fox Freed From Soccer Net

Firefighters in New Hope, Pennsylvania, came to the rescue of a fox who found himself entangled in a soccer net on Saturday. One volunteer firefighter held the animal still while another gently trimmed the netting, and they can be heard in a video shared on Facebook trying to comfort the fox. “It’s OK, buddy, it’s OK,” one firefighter says. The firefighters were careful to keep control of the fox so he wouldn’t get tangled again, and then brought him to a wooded area nearby to release him. “Run wild, run free!” the fire company wrote in its Facebook post. — Watch it from the New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company via Facebook


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