Pet Scoop: Baby Bobcat Rescued From Fire, Cat Touts the Democratic National Convention

August 29, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Chips, a bobcat kitten, is recovering at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center.
Chips the bobcat kitten is recovering at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center.

California Firefighters Save a Tiny Bobcat Kitten

Crews fighting the Chips Fire in northern California found a baby bobcat walking in circles near a tree stump. They searched the area for her mother, but when they couldn’t find her, the firefighters contacted the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center for help. The group is treating the 1.5-pound kitten, named Chips, for an eye infection, and caring for her burned paws. "The fireman was able to save it and now we'll do our job, and hopefully one day, we'll see it running across the mountains," said executive director Cheryl Milham. The center plans to socialize the kitten with other bobcats once she’s been nursed back to health, and then release her back into the wild in the spring. — Watch it at News 10

Scientists Discover That Pandas Scent Mark in the Wild

According to researchers, giant pandas, who are known for roaming remote bamboo forests in China, are particular about selecting the right place to pee, so they can find each other during brief mating periods. A study published in the journal Animal Behavior revealed that the bears mark trees that have a large width, making it easier for them to target their spot. — Read it at MSNBC

New Jersey Considers a Bill Making it Mandatory to Harness Pets in Cars

A measure introduced in the state’s legislature would require motorists to harness pets who aren’t secured in crates. If the controversial proposal passes, drivers whose pets aren't properly restrained would receive a $20 ticket — and possibly get charged with animal cruelty, which carries a penalty of up to $1,000. — Read it at the Philadelphia Inquirer

Fernando the Feline Promotes the Democratic National Convention

Republicans are in the spotlight this week with their national convention in Tampa, but Democrats know how to steal your attention: cat videos! A new travel guide for Charlotte, N.C., which will host the Democratic National Convention next week, features a feline star named Fernando. — Read it at Time

Is Your Pet a Righty or a Lefty?

It may not be essential information, but the Associated Press has tracked down experts who say you can find out your pet's paw preference through simple tests — like seeing which paw your dog offers you most often when you teach him to shake, or which paw your cat uses to bat a toy held over her head. There's one caveat though: You’ll have to do the tests 100 times, over several days, to get an answer. — Read it at the AP via the Washington Post

Swimming Koala Surprises Boaters

Canoeists in Australia were shocked to see one of the marsupials jump into a river, and swim out to greet them. They pulled the animal aboard their boat, and then returned the koala to shore. — Watch it at CNN

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