Pet Scoop: Baby Jaguars Debut on “Conan,” Beast Zuckerberg Goes Sheep Herding

June 6, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Conan O'Brien with a jaguar cub
Conan O'Brien cuddled with a jaguar cub — until she snarled at him.

Jaguar Cubs Charm Conan O'Brien

They may look like sweet kittens, but when a pair of 7-week-old jaguars visited Conan O’Brien on his TBS show this week, the host got a growl as he tried to snuggle one of them just a little too long. “Whoa!” said O’Brien, who then tried to feed the hungry cub a bottle. “Look at this one go,” the comedian said as she gulped it down. “She’s like at a sorority party! She’s going to town on this.” — Watch it on YouTube

Wendy Diamond's Celebrity-Loving Dog Lucky Dies

Lucky, a Maltese known for being photographed with over 300 famous faces to raise awareness about animal welfare, died in New York City at age 15. Her owner, Wendy Diamond, had been planning a posh “wedding” for the pup, whose groom would then take on Lucky's cause. Diamond says that the July event will still go on — she plans to adopt another dog, and choose a “groom” on June 28. “Lucky’s life and her legacy of saving the underdog will be celebrated” at the wedding, said Diamond. — Read it at the AP via the Washington Post

Bambi the Domesticated Deer Treks 50 Miles Back Home

When an Alabama family found a doe beside her deceased mother, they decided to take her in and name her Bambi. But keeping wild animals is illegal in the state, so animal control officers tranquilized the doe and released her 50 miles away. Bambi, however, had other plans — two weeks later, she arrived back home. Officials say that she still can’t stay. “It’s their mistake that they first captured the deer as a youngster. They shouldn’t have done that in the first place,” said a state wildlife biologist. — Watch it at CNN, and read about why you should think twice before rescuing wildlife

Beast Zuckerberg Tests His Sheep-Herding Skills

Beast, the Puli owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, made headlines last month when he walked Chan down the aisle at the couple's surprise wedding. This week, Beast (shown left) had his own big day — he got to herd sheep for the first time, and he shared the photos from the experience on his Facebook page. "I totally own those sheep," reads one of the captions. — Read it at People Pets

Zoo Releases Amazing Ultrasound Images of a Baby Elephant

Chances are that you’ve seen a sonogram — of a human baby. But Today has ultrasound images of a baby elephant who’s about the size of a fist. The baby was conceived through artificial insemination at the ABQ Biopark Zoo in New Mexico, and mom Rozie is due in November 2013. — See the images at Today

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