Pet Scoop: Baby Penguins Get “Doctor Who” Names, Justin Bieber Gives Up Monkey

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This year's clutch of Humboldt penguins at the Chester Zoo is being named for "Dr. Who" icons.
Chester Zoo
This year's clutch of Humboldt penguins at the Chester Zoo is being named for Doctor Who icons.

Endangered Chicks Hatch at Zoo

The British science fiction TV series Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and we’re betting they haven’t had a better tribute than this one! The Chester Zoo, located in England, has decided to name this year’s clutch of Humboldt penguins after icons from the famous show. Weighing in at 2.3 ounces, this year’s first arrival was named Doctor. He’s now been joined by Tardis (for the Doctor’s vehicle), Dalek (for the Doctor’s cyborg enemies) and Davros (for the scientist who created the Daleks). "We provide the parents with fish and they then turn it into a high-protein soup,” said keeper Karen Neech. “So it’s a real combined effort — but without a sonic screwdriver in sight!” The penguins are part of an endangered species from South America. — Read it at Today

Female Goats Recover Best From Neglect

In what researchers say is the first scientific study of rescued animals, scientists at Queen Mary, University of London, observed the moods of 18 goats at an animal sanctuary. Half of the goats had suffered neglect before arriving at the sanctuary. They were surprised to find that female goats who had been treated poorly in the past were more optimistic than well-treated females and poorly treated males. “This suggests that females may be better at recovering from neglect when released from stress, and might have implications for animal sanctuaries in how they tailor the care they provide for the different sexes," said study co-author Dr. Elodie Briefer. The study was published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. — Read it at Science Daily

Pop Star Agrees to Give Monkey to "Good Home"

The animal shelter in Munich, Germany, that has cared for the singer’s Capuchin monkey since March says Bieber’s representatives have agreed to give up the animal. "They are asking us for a good home for Mally,” Roberto Mioni Coltro, a spokesman for the Munich ASPCA, told E! News. Coltro said they’ll still need official paperwork releasing the monkey. Germany’s Federal Agency for Nature Conservation would make the ultimate decision on Mally’s new home, but the ASPCA would like to see him placed in a rescue center for primates. Mally was confiscated when Bieber arrived in Germany on a private plane on March 28. — Read it at E! Online

Sesame, a 2-year-old Shar-Pei, has a new home after two surgeries on his wrinkles.
Sesame, a 2-year-old Shar-Pei, has a new home after two surgeries on his wrinkles.

Dog Gets Facelift to Help Sight

Sesame, a 2-year-old Shar-Pei mix at the San Antonio Humane Society in Texas, had so many wrinkles on his adorable face that he couldn’t see, and the wrinkles covering his ears were leading to infections. After surgeries in February and March, Sesame is recovering well. Although his vision was damaged, he is more playful than ever. “He can basically see what we are assuming is shadows … but he can definitely see now,” said the shelter’s director of communications, Seamus Nelson. “He’s just so happy to be outside. Imagine not being able to see for your whole life and then suddenly being able to.” And Sesame’s story now has an even happier ending: he was adopted on Friday by a woman who’s an experienced Shar-Pei owner. — Read it at ABC News

Circus-Goer Finds Tiger in Bathroom

In a scene right out of The Hangover, Jenna Krehbiel encountered a tiger when she walked into the bathroom while at a performance of the Isis Shrine Circus in Salina, Kan., on Saturday. The tiger had escaped after its turn in the ring, and Krehbiel got up to use the restroom at around the same time. One entrance was blocked off while workers tried to catch the tiger, but when Krehbiel walked through the open entrance, she came face to face with it. She said she calmly turned around and left the bathroom, and the big cat was captured moments later. "My daughter wanted to know if it had washed its hands," Krehbiel said. "That was her only concern.” — Read it at People Pets


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