Pet Scoop: Beachgoers Save Dozens of Dolphins, Piglet Found Wandering in Hotel

March 9, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Locals Jump in to Save Dolphins

In this incredible footage, dozens of local beachgoers didn’t waste any time when about 30 stranded dolphins washed up at Arraial do Cabo in Brazil on Monday, according to the YouTube user who posted the video. They got right to work, swiftly moving the animals back out to sea so they had a better chance of survival. — Watch it at CBS News

Musher Saves Iditarod Dog

Musher Scott Janssen knew what to do when Marshall, one of his sled dogs and his personal pet, collapsed on the Iditarod trail. Janssen gave the 9-year-old Husky mouth-to-snout resuscitation while doing chest compressions, and saved the dog’s life. “He looked at Marshall and said, ‘Come on! Come back to me!’” said Scott’s wife, Debbie Janssen. “And Marshall did. He came back. He started breathing.” — Read it at ABC News

Gorilla DNA Uncovers Clues About Humans

It took a team of more than 60 researchers to decode the DNA of the western lowland gorilla. The information gleaned is expected to help with the conservation of the endangered apes, and could also help researchers understand more about human origins. — Read it at the LA Times

This Little Piggy Went to … a Hotel

A 5-week-old female pig was found running around the lobby of a Honolulu hotel last week. It was unclear where the piglet came from, but she was taken in by the Hawaiian Humane Society and named Pukalani. The healthy animal is being bottlefed, and will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. “Our vet advises that she be kept in a big yard or farm … she may be tiny now, but she’ll grow up to be a big girl and also has the voice to match,” says the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Facebook page. — Read it at AP via Yahoo

How Do You Get a Horse to the Olympics?

"It's quite a logistical feat," the owner of an international horse transport company told NPR. He explains that the horses who compete in this summer’s Olympic Games will likely travel on a MD-11 with custom-built stalls and a veterinarian on board. And, just like these pandas, they will probably travel FedEx. — Read it at NPR

Friday Photo Fix

Here’s a roundup of adorable animal photos to help you end the week on a high note:

  • It takes two Jolie-Pitt children to walk one family pet, their very large Bulldog, through New Orleans. — See the photo at People Pets
  • A tiny baby squirrel was saved, and given a purple cast, after the branch her nest sat on was cut from a tree. — See the photo at Today
  • These 2-month-old otters were born at a Japanese aquarium, and they’re guaranteed to make you squeal. — See photos at the Huffington Post

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