Pet Scoop: Bears Crash Parties Across the Country, “Pipe Kitty” Is Freed in Memphis

June 11, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A bear goes for a swim in an LA pool.
A bear takes a refreshing dip in a Los Angeles pool.

Bears Show Up at Weddings, Graduations and Vacations

They’re the uninvited guests who seem to be showing up everywhere lately: a California middle school graduation, a wedding in a Colorado state park — even a swimming pool in Los Angeles. More and more bear sightings have been reported across the country, including a black bear who's been spotted in the Massachusetts vacation area of Cape Cod. So what's behind the uptick? According to a wildlife official, “bears are driven by their stomachs,” and since we're experiencing drier weather conditions, bears are forced to wander further for food. Officials also place blame on overdevelopment and the approaching mating season. — Watch it at ABC News

Hero Dog Rescues a Newborn Baby in Ghana

When a farm dog in Ghana didn’t come home, her worried owner sent out a search party to find the canine. The group located the pup — along with an abandoned, 2-week-old baby girl who was snuggled up next to the dog under a bridge. "She's a female dog. It must be her mothering instinct," said the Ghana News Agency journalist who first reported the story. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Fashion Label Gucci Gets a Stallion Named Guccio

Gucci isn’t just horsing around. The Italian fashion house recently unveiled an Equestrian Collection (inspired by the world’s top female horse-jumper) — and a newly acquired stallion, Guccio, who the label hopes to send to the Olympics. — Read it at Women’s Wear Daily

Pipe Kitty was freed in Memphis.
"Pipe Kitty" gets a hug from one of her rescuers in Memphis.

Memphis Residents Rally to Rescue “Pipe Kitty”

Locals said that they could hear a kitten’s cries coming from an underground pipe for days before an intense rescue operation was launched to free “Pipe Kitty." It took a team of public works department employees, plumbers and the humane society to save the scared kitty, using cameras and backhoes. “The best story of the weekend happened over night in Memphis. #PipeKitty is safe and sound!" tweeted someone who was following the story. — Read it at KLTV

Plus: A 10-year-old boy in Texas freed a kitten stuck inside a manhole. — Read it at CBS DFW

Bo Obama Basks in the Garden

Who can resist adorable photos of Bo? A People Pets gallery features everyone’s favorite Portuguese Water Dog hanging out in the White House garden, while promoting his mom’s new book, American Grown. — See the photos at People Pets

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