Pet Scoop: Black-Footed Kitten Gets VIP Care at Chicago Zoo, Mia Farrow Adopts a Puppy

March 28, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

The Brookfield Zoo's black-footed kitten
At just 6 weeks old, the black-footed kitten is now gaining weight, thanks to around-the-clock zoo care.

Black-Footed Cat Receives 24-Hour Attention at Chicago Zoo

Caretakers are feeling cautiously optimistic about the outlook for the first black-footed kitten born at the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo. Born on Valentine’s Day, zoo staff quickly intervened when they noticed that he wasn’t getting enough nurturing from his mother. He’s now being hand-reared at the zoological society’s animal hospital, where he's fed a milk formula from a tiny bottle and some solid foods.

The black-footed cat is the smallest of the African felines, and the species is classified as vulnerable on the Red List of Threatened Species. In other black-footed cat news, the first black-footed kitten conceived using in vitro fertilization was born in New Orleans in February. — Watch it at YouTube

Gray Whale Is Finally Freed From a Fishing Net in California

A young California gray whale whose tail had been caught in 50 feet of netting and rope swam free after a team of Orange County rescuers worked for seven hours to untangle him. “The support team on the nearby boat erupted in cheers," said one of the rescuers. — Read it at the LA Times

Mia Farrow's puppy Dexter
Mia Farrow tweeted this photo of her adorable pup, Dexter.

Mia Farrow Adopts — a Puppy

The actress, who has 11 adopted children, has now added a four-legged member to the family. Farrow included her Twitter followers in her puppy search — and even asked for their help when picking a name. She settled on a fluffy, black-and-white pup named Dexter. — Read it at People Pets

Long-Fingered Frog Found in Africa After a 62-Year Absence

The elusive Bururi long-fingered frog, which was feared to be extinct because it was last spotted in 1949, was rediscovered by researchers during an African expedition in December. "In a tremendous stroke of luck, I casually moved aside some grass and the frog was just sitting there on a log,” said one of the scientists. — Read it at Science Daily

Kardashian Sister Denounces PETA

Khloé Kardashian — who was once such a big PETA supporter that she posed nude for an anti-fur ad — announced that she’s quitting the group to support her sister, Kim. After Kim was hit by a flour bomb on the red carpet by an alleged PETA member, the organization pledged support for the attacker and lashed out at the reality star. — Read it at People

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