Pet Scoop: Blind Dog Rescued From Trash Gets New Lease on Life, Wolf Pups Need Names

March 27, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Fiona, the blind rescued dog
A year after her rescue, Fiona is like a new dog.

Surgery Restores Sight to a Dog Found in an L.A. Trash Pile

In a YouTube video that’s gone viral, Eldad and Audrey Hagar of Hope for Paws Animal Rescue detail the inspiring story of Fiona, a blind dog who they found in a Los Angeles trash heap a year ago. The rescue group raised $4,500 in four days, so Fiona could get a procedure to restore the sight in one eye, which left her tail wagging. It’s hard to imagine that the 11-year-old dog at the end of the video is the same one who appears at the beginning. — Watch it on YouTube and read it at People Pets

Olympic Horses Don Super Suits

To prepare for competition in the Summer Olympics in London, horses are being outfitted with brightly colored spandex compression suits, which enhance blood flow and reduce muscle vibration when the horses travel. “I am confident it helps the horses' muscles relax and recover after exercise,” said Stuart Tinney, who won a gold medal in equestrian sports in Australia and whose horse has a suit. — See the photo at Today

National Zoo Wolf Pups
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Help name this pair of adorable maned wolf pups.

Smithsonian Launches Name-That-Pup Poll

The National Zoo wants your help in naming two maned wolf pups born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in January. The species, which lives in central South America, is considered near threatened. Animal care staff has come up with eight possible names for the cute pups — based on their personalities, natural history and range — including Bela, which is Portuguese for "beautiful." — Cast your vote on Facebook

Has The New York Times Gone to the Dogs?

According to a writer at the Columbia Journalism Review, the number of dog stories in the “newspaper of record” increased 45 percent in the first four months that Jill Abramson was at the helm as the executive editor. She is the author of The Puppies Diaries, which recounts Abramson's experiences with her late dog and a new puppy. — Read it at the Columbia Journalism Review

Songbird’s Habitat Is at Risk

The population of the golden-winged warbler has been in decline for 45 years, yet it remains unprotected by the Endangered Species Act. Two threats to the species include coal mining — and its sister species, the blue-winged warbler. — Read it at Science Daily

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