Pet Scoop: Bo Obama Hunts for Eggs, Scientists Bring Extinct Frog Back "From the Dead"

March 19, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Bo poses with his Easter eggs in front of the White House.
Bo poses with his Easter eggs in front of the White House.

First Dog Gears Up for Easter

It’s still two weeks before the kids arrive at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll, but someone is already hunting for eggs on the South Lawn: Bo! The Portuguese Water Dog, who often helps kick off holiday celebrations, looks for the colorful eggs in an adorable new video. (Who can forget last year, when he donned those bunny ears?) The official eggs feature the signatures of the first lady and the president. This year, a special Collector’s Egg Set includes a teal colored egg with the first dog’s paw print. More than 35,000 people will join the Obamas at the White House on April 1 for the 135th annual egg roll. — Watch it from the White House

Researchers Revive Extinct Frog's Genome

By implanting a “dead” cell nucleus into a fresh egg from another frog species, scientists have brought to life the genome of an extinct Australian frog that gave birth through its mouth. “We are watching Lazarus arise from the dead, step by exciting step,” said Mike Archer of Australia’s University of New South Wales, the leader of what’s been dubbed the Lazarus Project. The frog went extinct in 1983, and the team used tissue from a frog collected and frozen in the 1970s in their work. Scientists are hopeful that this first step will eventually lead to bringing back the species. — Read it at Discovery News

Roosters Tell Time With Internal Clock

Researchers at Nagoya University in Japan wanted to determine whether it was external stimuli like light that triggered a rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo, or an internal factor. They put 40 roosters in a setting with constant light, and found that they crowed at daybreak regardless of the lighting conditions. While the male chickens also crowed at other times of day, the behavior was strongest at daybreak. Researchers say the findings suggest that an internal circadian clock triggers the crowing behavior. The study was published in the journal Current Biology. — Read it at Live Science

Hendrix is recovering from his extra-long journey to Arizona.
Hendrix is recovering from his extra-long journey to Arizona.

Dog Travels to Ireland by Accident

Last week, Edith Lombardo-Albach brought her daughter’s 6-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Hendrix, to Newark International Airport to board a flight to Phoenix, Ariz. Lombardo-Albach’s family is moving from Staten Island, N.Y., to Arizona, and Hendrix was going to be met by his owner, Meredith Grant, at the Phoenix airport. But just as the plane was due to arrive, Lombardo-Albach got a call from United Airlines, saying that the dog had mistakenly been put on a flight to Ireland. "I almost fainted," Lombardo-Albach said, according to PawNation.The poor pup had to fly back to New Jersey, and then on to his destination. The airline is “reviewing the circumstances surrounding the situation,” and offered the family a full refund for Hendrix’s $450 flight, said United spokesperson Megan McCarthy. — Read it at NBC News and watch it at KNXV via YouTube

Friskies Launches “Games for Cats” Hackathon

Along with the announcement of its latest tablet game for the feline set, “Happy Wings,” Friskies said it was challenging developers to come up with the next great cat game with a Hackathon. “We’re giving the Hackathon teams a shot to one up us and create a fresh, innovative game for cats using our assets and tech toolkit,” said Friskies’ Alison Coburn. The Hackathon takes place this weekend on the Amplify campus in California. The winner takes home $15,000 — and the chance to be the cat’s meow. — Find out more at Games for Cats


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