Pet Scoop: Boston Police Puppy Steals Hearts With Photo, Lion Cub Trio Born in Seattle

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A Boston Police puppy then known as Batman poses in a too-big K9 unit identification harness.
A Boston Police puppy then known as Batman poses in a too-big K9 unit identification harness.

K9 Wears Training Harness

This Boston Police pup has a little growing to do, but he’s ready to learn. He was 9 weeks old and known as Batman when the department’s Head Trainer and Patrol Officer Troy Caisey held a Boston Police K9 Unit identification harness over his head and someone snapped a picture, which has recently gone viral.The picture was released this week by Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, a volunteer organization with a primary goal of providing police dogs around the state with bulletproof vests. The photo will appear in the MA Vest-a-Dog 2015 calendar, which is available now for a $10 donation.The German Shepherd puppy is now 6 months old and has been renamed "Tuco" after the Mexican drug kingpin in the AMC series "Breaking Bad."— Read it from Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog via Facebook

Resident Cat Comforts Hospice Patients

A tabby cat named Tom has spent the last two years bringing solace to patients in the hospice and palliative care unit at the VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. The lead physician’s assistant at the facility, Laura Hart, came up with the idea after hearing about a cat who comforted Alzheimer’s patients at a Rhode Island nursing center. They found Tom at the Salem Animal Shelter and he turned out to be the perfect fit for the job. “Families don’t want their loved ones being alone, and it’s comforting for them to know Tom is there,” Hart said. “And it’s amazing how many of the families really feel that Tom is there to be with their family member when they die, whether he kind of comes and herds the family into the room right before the patient passes, or he just curls up on a patient’s bed in their final hours.” — Read it at ABC News

Study: Brighter Poison Frogs Develop Louder Calls

New research from the University of British Columbia finds that species of poison frogs that use bright warning colors to protect themselves from predators are more likely to develop loud, complex calls than relatives that rely on camouflage for protection. Because their bright colors have already established them as unsavory to predators, they can make loud and diverse calls in plain sight, researchers said. That made them better able to attract a mate than relatives who were quieter and had darker colors. The study was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. — Read it at Science Daily

Three African lion cubs were born at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Friday.
Woodland Park Zoo
Three African lion cubs were born at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Friday.

Three Lion Cubs Born in Seattle

A trio of male African lions was born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Friday to 5-year-old mom, Adia, and 7-year-old dad, Xerxes. Adia had four cubs in 2012, but Xerxes is a first-time dad. Veterinarians were able to get a quick look at the cubs while moving them and their mom in to an off-exhibit maternity den, where they’re being monitored around the clock. They are nursing and bonding with their mom, while being kept apart from their dad. — Read it from the Woodland Park Zoo

Panda Cubs Don’t Want Medicine

A Chinese keeper was double-teamed earlier this month when he tried to get twin panda cubs to drink a syringe full of medication. When he tries to give the medicine to one cub, the other jumps on his back. The adept keeper swiftly tries to put the syringe in that cub’s mouth, but the cub covers his mouth with his paw. A video of the adorable wrestling match has been viewed more than 7 million times on YouTube. — Watch it at Today


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