Pet Scoop: Boy Rescues Injured Dog From Traffic, Lion Cubs Hand-Reared in California

Dec. 12, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Jean Fernandes, 11, stopped traffic to rescue an injured dog in Brazil.
Jean Fernandes, 11, stopped traffic to rescue an injured dog in Brazil.

Boy Saves Pup in Busy Street

When 11-year-old Jean Fernandes saw a dog struck by a car on a busy street in Brazil, he didn’t hesitate. The young animal lover risked his own safety to run into the road and pick up the dog. The driver who hit the dog didn’t stop, something that’s reportedly common in Itajaí, Brazil. The boy’s mother told local media that her son often rescues abandoned animals. Thankfully, the boy with a big heart wasn’t hurt himself. The dog, named Mel (Honey in English), is still being cared for by vets but is doing well. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Australia’s Dingoes Face Extinction

Conservationists in Australia are warning that interbreeding between wild dingoes and domestic dogs may lead to the demise of the dingo. "It is truly on the brink of extinction. A lot of people have the perception that there are plenty of dingoes still out there," Amanda McDowell, president of the Australian Dingo Conservation Association, told AFP. “But in actual fact, they are all just cross-bred dogs, they are not pure dingoes." The predators are also threatened by livestock farmers, who consider them to be pests. McDowell stresses that dingoes “don't make good pets, they are not good with kids, they are not good with other animals. They are hunters." — Read it at

Dead Whales Suffered From Malnutrition

Initial necropsies performed on 11 pilot whales who were found dead in the Everglades this month were emaciated and suffering from malnutrition, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The agency’s stranding coordinator, Blair Mase, said the animals’ condition could be a result of disease or from being out of their natural habitat. She and other experts are still unsure how dozens of the whales wound up in the shallow waters, or whether there may still be others in the area. The testing also found that two of the female whales were pregnant. It could be months before the full results of the necropsies are available. — Read it from the AP via CBS News

Two lion cubs born last week at the San Diego Safari Park will be hand-reared by their keepers.
Two lion cubs born last week at the San Diego Safari Park will be hand-reared by their keepers.

Zoo Hand-Raises Lion Cubs

A pair of adorable lion cubs was born on Friday at the San Diego Safari Park to experienced mom Oshana and dad Izu. But while Oshana has nursed her cubs in the past, she showed no interest in nursing these two newborns, the park said via Facebook. Keepers stepped in, and the cubs will now be raised in the park’s animal care center. The duo hasn’t yet been named. They’ll be ready for public viewing in a few weeks. — See more photos from Flickr

Cats Take Over Nativity Scene

Stray cats are getting into the Christmas spirit in Brooklyn, N.Y. For the last 10 years, sisters Annette and Sue Amendola have set up a nativity scene in a lot next to their home. It’s a hit in the neighborhood — both with the humans and the felines. But each year, feral cats also decide it’s a cozy place to gather for the holidays. They’ve been known snuggle up in the manager between the statues of Mary and Joseph, taking the spot where the baby Jesus would lay. After the Amendolas put the Jesus statue out on Christmas Day, they expect the cats to nudge it out of the way and lay down, which has also become part of their tradition. "People love it," says Sue Amendola. "But they really get a laugh out of the cats." — Read it and see photos at New York’s DNAInfo


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