Pet Scoop: Budweiser's Super Bowl Foal Gets a Name, World’s Longest Cat Dies

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The general manager of Budweiser's Clydesdale operations shows baby Hope a headline about her popular commercial.
The general manager of Budweiser's Clydesdale operations shows baby Hope a headline about her popular commercial.

Baby Clydesdale to be Called...

She’s still less than a month old, but she’s already starred in one of the Super Bowl’s most popular commercials. Now, after a social media campaign asking for name suggestions that generated 60,000 Tweets, Facebook posts and other messages, Budweiser says the baby Clydesdale has her moniker: Hope. The ad, “Brotherhood,” which ranked No. 1 on USA Today’s Ad Meter (and may have made you tear up), portrays the enduring bond between foal and trainer. Hope was born on Jan. 16 at Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, where Anheuser-Busch raises Clydesdales. She was the second horse born at the ranch this year, where managers expect to welcome 30 baby Clydesdale in 2013. — Read it at AP via USA Today and see some of the all-time best Super Bowl ads starring animals

Moles Can Sniff in Stereo

A new study finds that the common mole has the ability to locate a smell based on the strength of the odors coming in to each of its nostrils. In an experiment, moles were able to find food morsels in less than five seconds using both nostrils. But when one nostril was blocked, its path to the food became skewed and it took much longer to find it. "The fact that moles use stereo odor cues to locate food suggests other mammals that rely heavily on their sense of smell, like dogs and pigs, might also have this ability," said Kenneth Catania, the Vanderbilt University neuroscientist who led the study. The results were published on Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications. — Read it at Live Science

World’s Longest Cat Dies After Cancer Battle

Stewie, a Maine Coon who held the Guinness World Record title for the world’s longest cat at 48.5 inches, died of cancer on Monday at age 8. The cat, who lived in Nevada with his owner, Robin Hendrickson, was a certified therapy animal. "Stewie was always very social and loved meeting new people," Hendrickson said. Just last month, he attended the International Cat Show in Oregon. He was declared the longest cat by Guinness in August 2010. — Read it at AP via ABC News

Lincoln is recovering after surgery on his fractured leg.
University of Missouri
Lincoln is recovering after surgery on his fractured leg.

University’s Raptor Project Aids Injured Bald Eagle

When Lincoln, a 7-year-old American bald eagle living at the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Quincy, Ill., was discovered with a broken leg, veterinary students at the University of Missouri stepped in to help through the Mizzou Raptor Rehabilitation Project. The non-profit Quincy center didn’t have the funding to pay for surgery, but at the Mizzou raptor project, veterinary students and community members volunteer their talents. Workers at the Quincy center aren’t sure how Lincoln injured himself, but they suspect something prompted him to jump and fracture his leg. Following the surgery, the eagle is now able to use his leg to carry food again and perch normally. He’s back home at the Quincy center, where he’s training to become an educational program bird.

Do You Have America’s Luckiest Pet?

If you’ve adopted a shelter pet who lived a tough life before you took them in, Petfinder wants to hear your story. The site is accepting entries in its America’s Luckiest Pet contest until noon on Feb. 20, and after that, there will be a chance for the public to vote on the luckiest pet. The winner gets a $500 Petco gift card — and a $5,000 donation to the Petfinder shelter of the winner’s choice. — Get more details from Petfinder


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