Pet Scoop: Cat Adopted After Adele Visit, Prince George Plays With His Pup in New Photo

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Larry, looking up in this picture, got some love from Adele when she visited Catfe in Vancouver.
Larry, looking up in this picture, got some love from Adele when she visited Catfe in Vancouver.

Adele Makes Cat a Celebrity

While on tour in Canada to promote her new album, British superstar Adele stopped by a cat café — where she helped change the life of one of the adoptable cats there. The star surprised the staff at Catfe in Vancouver when she visited with her 3-year-old son and a friend on Tuesday. The “Hello” singer and her little boy, Angelo, were “loving on Larry,” a domestic longhair, said staff member Leona Morrison. “I think she went up to Larry because he was available, and also he’s just amenable,” she said. “He’s a friendly guy. He looks like he will accept pats, and he totally will. He’s a great boy.” By Wednesday, word of Adele’s visit had spread and her fans were lining up at Catfe just to meet Larry. But he’s no longer a resident at Catfe: Larry went to his forever home on Thursday — the day after his new owner went to the Adele concert. — Read it from Canada’s Vancouver Sun via MSN

Rare White Lion Cub Born in Texas

A very special African lion cub was born to mom Adia last week at the Ellen Trout Zoo in Texas. The baby boy has a white coat, which is rare for his species. Neither his mom nor his 4-year-old sibling, Sango, share his unique coloring, which is the result of a recessive gene. Sango was Adia’s first born, and had to be hand reared because she couldn’t produce enough milk for him. But, she hasn’t had that problem with the new cub, so she’s been raising him on her own. — See photo at People Pets

Police Help Coax Dog From Roof

A 12-year-old German Shepherd and Greyhound mix is safe thanks to residents of his Pennsylvania neighborhood, who spotted him on his home’s porch roof on Wednesday afternoon. Fearing he was going to jump, they called 911. The dog’s owner was at work and couldn’t get home, but asked a friend to go to the house and help get Abraham down. When she got there, Abraham was excited to see her, and police yelled to him, telling him not to jump. The friend went inside and was able to get Abraham to climb back through the window that he’d escaped through. — Read it at CBS Pittsburgh

In a sweet photo, 3-year-old Prince George plays with Lupo.
In a sweet photo, 3-year-old Prince George plays with Lupo.

Prince George Plays With His Pup

Kensington Palace released some adorable photos of Prince George on his third birthday, including one of him offering to share his ice cream with his best buddy, Lupo, the family’s Cocker Spaniel. Prince George celebrates his birthday today, and the palace said the photos were taken earlier this month at the family’s country home, Anmer Hall, by photographer Matt Porteous. Lupo has appeared in family portraits before, including their first family portrait when George was an infant, one taken when George was 8 months old at Kensington Palace. — Read it at the U.K.’s Daily Mail

Nearly Blind Shelter Dog Gets “Seeing-Eye Collie”

Two dogs who were rescued from a cruelty case last month are looking for a new home together. They’ve been sticking close together at the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia. Daisy, a 4-year-old Collie, is a guide dog to her pal River, a nearly blind 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. “We often times have bonded animals come from a home who need to stay together, but thus far, I have not seen any like River and Daisy,” said PSPCA public relations director Gillian Kocher. “Sometimes with bonded pairs, they will love each other a great deal and be content with that, but these two are searching for the love of humans too.” — Read it at the Huffington Post


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