Pet Scoop: Cat Delays a Soccer Match in England, Rescued Dog Bites TV Reporter

February 9, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Cat on soccer field
This tabby interrupted a soccer match in England and headed for the goal.

Cat Sprints Onto Soccer Field During a Match in England

A soccer game in England was delayed when a feline ran onto the field. Fans chanted “cat, cat, cat” as the tabby headed for one of the goals before a groundskeeper picked up the kitty. The stray, who’s often spotted in the stadium’s parking lot, was named Kenny after the manager of Liverpool’s team. — Read it at AP via Washington Post and watch it at YouTube

Pro-Animal Movies Get Genesis Award Nominations

The Humane Society announced its nominees for the 26th Annual Genesis Awards, which recognize films with animal-friendly themes. This year's nominees include War Horse, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dolphin Tale, Rio and Buck. TV shows, newspapers and websites are also among the nominees. — Read it at the Chicago Tribune

Tiny Primates Talk in Dog Whistle Frequencies

Researchers say that Philippine tarsiers communicate with such high-pitched squeaks and squeals that they're practically on their own communication channel. The primates hear and make sounds in the ultrasound range — above 20 kHz, which is around the range of a dog whistle. And when they’re giving warnings or hunting for crickets, they can call to each other in the 70 kHz range. “Such values are among the highest recorded for any terrestrial mammal,” wrote researchers. — Read it at Wired Science

Rescued dog Max bit interviewer Kyle Dyer

Rescued Dog Bites Reporter on Live TV

On Wednesday, we told you about Max, the Argentine Mastiff (also known as a Dogo Argentino) who was rescued by a firefighter after falling through the ice on a Colorado pond. During an appearance with his owner on a local news show the day after his rescue, Max bit his interviewer, 9News’ Kyle Dyer, in the face. Dyer underwent surgery and is recovering — and the dog’s owner was cited. An animal behavior expert later interviewed by the station said that Max was giving off signals that he wasn't comfortable during the segment. — Read it at 9News

Los Angeles Zoo Names Orangutan for Betty White’s Character

"How appropriate that the most beautiful baby orangutan ever is named for my Hot in Cleveland character Elka Ostrovsky," said White, who’s supported the Los Angeles Zoo for 50 years. — Read it at People Pets

Roast Beef the Penguin Makes the Rounds at a Nursing Home

The 13-year-old African penguin often makes public appearances, which usually involve children. But when the New England Aquarium received a letter from a resident of a local nursing home, Roast Beef’s handlers decided to take him to visit the residents there, who were delighted to see him. — Read it at Today

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