Pet Scoop: Cat Found in Twister Wreckage, Orphaned Otter Pup Meets Elderly Otters

June 18, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A cat emerged from under the wreckage of a home in Stanton County, Nebraska, a day after twin tornadoes tore through through the area.
A cat emerged from under the wreckage of a home in Stanton County, Nebraska, a day after twin tornadoes tore through through the area.

Cat Emerges During TV Interview

A day after rare twin tornadoes touched down in Stanton County, Nebraska, a family’s beloved cat was found wandering in the rubble of their home Tuesday. Lori Webster was telling ABC News reporter Bazi Kanani about how her brother and his wife were rescued from their basement, where they were protecting their own child and the four others who they cared for at their home day care. (Thankfully, all of them are expected to recover.) While Webster was talking, she spotted her sister-in-law’s frightened cat come out from under a pile of debris. “Oh my God,” Webster said. “Come here, kitty. … You’ve got to come up here, baby.” The family also has two dogs and several other cats who survived the tornadoes. Monday night’s storms are being blamed for two deaths. — Watch it at ABC News

National Zoo to Close Invertebrate House

The Washington, D.C., zoo has decided to permanently close the exhibit this Sunday, saying that while invertebrates are critical to life on earth and make up 99 percent of the planet’s species, there wasn’t enough visitor interest to justify the cost of keeping the exhibit running. "We're making a very difficult decision here," said the National Zoo’s director, Dennis Kelly. "We have many tanks that require life support and a staff of five … So to take care of these animals in a way that meets our standards is expensive." The staff of five will be reassigned and the animals will either be moved to a future exhibit called the “Hall of Biodiversity” or to other zoos. — Read it at Washington’s WJLA

Study Questions Great White Shark Numbers

An international research team took a new look at research on great white sharks in the eastern north part of the Pacific Ocean and says the population is growing rather than shrinking. “The good news is that white sharks are returning to levels of abundance,” said George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, who led the new study published in the journal PLOS ONE. Their findings are contrary to a 2011 Stanford University study that alarmed conservationists and led to petitions to have the sharks listed as endangered. But Stanford researcher Barbara Block says her team stands “firmly behind the findings of our study, and our ongoing research only increases our confidence in its accuracy.” — Read it from Reuters via Yahoo

Thelma, 16, takes 5-month-old otter pup Juno for a swim at the Oregon Zoo.
Oregon Zoo
Thelma, 16, takes 5-month-old otter pup Juno for a swim at the Oregon Zoo.

Rescued Pup Meets Elderly Otters

Juno, a 5-month-old sea otter, was found abandoned on a California beach in January and rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With no experienced otters available to rear her, Juno was deemed unreleasable by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and transferred to the Oregon Zoo in May. On Monday, the playful pup met Thelma, a 16-year-old otter at the zoo, and they quickly bonded. "They make a striking pair," Nicassio-Hiskey said. "[Thelma] didn't react much until Juno came over and touched her rear flipper. At that point, Thelma bear-hugged her and started sniffing her all over. She held Juno tightly and swam her around the pool and under the water. Juno had several opportunities to swim away, but she kept going back to Thelma." The otter pup is expected to make her public debut soon. — Read it from the Oregon Zoo

Nursing Home for Dogs Opens in Tokyo

A luxury retirement facility in Tokyo is going the dogs. The nursing home, which is estimated to cost about $1,000 per month, is just for elderly canines and will give them access to a gym, a swimming pool and around-the-clock veterinary care. The facilityis being run by Aeon Pet, a subsidiary of the Japanese supermarket brand Aeon andwill open this month with. It's expected to start with 20 canine residents. — Read it at Time


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