Pet Scoop: Cat Lives Off McDonald’s for a Year, Endangered Deer Makes a Comeback

April 17, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Frankie was rescued from a New Zealand McDonald's.
Frankie was rescued from a New Zealand McDonald's.

Kitty Weaned From Burger Diet

When a black-and-white kitten was abandoned by his owner more than a year ago, he found himself an endless supply of food at a McDonald’s in Frankton, New Zealand. Named Frankie by the fast food restaurant’s staff and customers, the kitty took up residence in the parking lot and would beg for food from people using the drive-through lane. Some people would even order an extra burger just for him. But much like a human, living off of McDonald’s alone wasn’t exactly healthy for Frankie. Jessica Watson, a field officer with the Waikato SPCA who was a regular customer, noticed his face was swollen and his eyelids weren’t closing properly, so she took him into her care. "When I first took him home he refused to eat anything because it wasn't McDonald's," said Watson. "I would put pet food down and he would give me a look like, 'What is that?'" Now, Frankie has kicked his burger habit and is much healthier — and Watson is looking for the right person to adopt him. — Read it at Yahoo Shine

Lead Ammunition Poisons Grand Canyon Condors

California condors — the largest birds in North America and a critically endangered species — now face another challenge: poisoning from lead bullets. The birds can ingest the bullets or shotgun pellets that contain lead when feeding on animals that have been killed by hunters. So far this year, seven out of the 80 condors who live near the Grand Canyon have died. Three of the deaths have been "definitively linked to lead poisoning from ingesting spent lead ammunition fragments,” and the same cause is suspected in the four other deaths, according to the Center for Biodiversity. — Read it at Live Science

Loyal Dog Stays by Trapped Owner’s Side

Boydy, an Australian Kelpie, has certainly proved he’s man’s best friend. His owner, Herbert Schutz, 76, was trapped under his car in New South Wales, Australia, for four long days after he crashed into a tree on his farm. Boydy stuck by Schutz’s side, keeping him warm while temperatures dipped to near freezing overnight. Finally, help came when Schutz’s daughter asked neighbors to check on him. When they got to the scene, Boydy ran out to the front of the car to alert them. "When we found him, the dog ran straight to his side and cuddled up to him,” said rescuer Eric Merritt. “He didn't want to leave him even then." — Read it at PawNation

Conservation efforts have helped the Huemul deer, which is a Chilean icon.
Alejandro Vila
Conservation efforts have helped the Huemul deer, which is a Chilean icon.

Rare Deer Makes Resurgence

The Huemul, a species of deer found only in the Latin American area of Patagonia, is making a comeback from the brink of extinction thanks to the work of the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Chilean government. They put in place measures to control cattle farming and police poaching, and the impact has been almost immediate for the deer. The population in Bernardo O'Higgins National Park began to increase between 2004 and 2008, according to a study published in the journal Oryx. There are an estimated 2,500 Huemul deer left in the wild. — Read it at Science Daily

Jennifer Hudson Names Dogs for Her Awards

In a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance on Monday, the singer and actress says that her two Pomeranians, Oscar and Grammy, were named for her awards. (Their baby is named Dreamgirl, for her breakout movie.) But Hudson doesn’t want to stop there. The ambitious star says she aspires to having two more dogs who she can name Emmy and Tony — once she wins those awards. Kimmel was ready to jump on board with the naming theme, joking, "I have a dog named Pie Eating Contest.” — Read it at the LA Times


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