Pet Scoop: Cat Makes Himself Comfortable at Grocery Store, Rare Giraffe Calf Born

Nov. 13, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Olly the cat has make the sweets shelf at his local supermarket his favorite spot.
Olly the cat has make the sweets shelf at his local supermarket his favorite spot.

Cat Snags Store’s Candy Shelf

Olly has a favorite spot to sit and watch the world go by — in the middle of a candy display at his local London supermarket. The cat has become a regular at Sainsbury’s, and this week customers captured his antics on video and in photos shared on social media. “Cat just chilling in Brockley Sainsbury's,” Jenny Stevens Tweeted with this photo of Olly on the candy shelf. “Security tried to remove him. He sauntered straight back in.” After his photo went viral, Olly’s owner, Adam Oliver, made sure everyone knew the cat had a loving home. The store doesn’t seem to mind making Olly its resident cat. “Looks like there was a mix up with our Kit Kat delivery,” a spokesman joked. — Read it at the U.K.’s Independent

Animal Shelter Cleared Out in Adoption Event

After its 6th annual adopt-a-thon Saturday, the halls of Summit County Animal Control shelter in Akron, Ohio, were completely silent. For the first time ever, every single animal at the shelter had been adopted. “People were coming from pretty far away and I asked them how they knew about the event. Of course it was social media," said shelter director Christine Fatheree. There was one special part of the event that the staff didn’t reveal until it started Saturday morning. An elderly couple who could no longer have pets of their own sponsored the adoption of the first 50 animals. Some new pet owners were moved to tears when they were told about the touching gesture. — Read it at ABC News

Plus: If you want to help empty the shelters, there’s a great opportunity this weekend. Petsmart Charities is hosting its National Adoption Weekend, and will have thousands of pets in need of homes ready to meet you at its 1,400 stores nationwide. The event aims to find pets homes in time for the holidays, and beyond. While getting pets into homes in time for the holiday season is wonderful, remember that giving pets as gifts isn’t always a great idea. — Find out more from Petsmart

A male Rothschild giraffe was born at the Dublin Zoo last month.
A male Rothschild giraffe was born at the Dublin Zoo last month.

Endangered Giraffe Born in Dublin

A beautiful male Rothschild giraffe was born Oct. 25 at Dublin Zoo. One of nine subspecies of giraffe, the Rothschild is one of the most endangered, and close to becoming critically endangered. “The calf was born in the giraffe house with the other female members of the herd present. The team watched the birth unfold on our closed circuit cameras. The birth took over an hour and we noticed that the herd was very attentive each step of the way,” said the zoo’s Helen Clarke-Bennett. The baby boy weighed in at nearly 100 pounds and stood 5 feet tall at birth. — Read it at Zooborns and see more cute zoo baby photos

Kitten Rescued by Fire Lieutenant

A tiny kitten who found himself in a tight spot in South Florida was rescued Tuesday. The kitten was discovered stuck between a cement wall and a brick pillar at an office park in Miami-Dade County. People who heard the kitten’s cries called Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for help. Lt. Lisa Wood, who works in the venom unit, responded and managed to free the kitten, who was named Marky Mark. "It was a very small space to have my hand in, and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get ahold of him to get him out, but luckily he cooperated, and I got him," Wood said. She later brought Marky Mark to the Humane Society of Broward County, where she volunteers and fosters kittens. He’s now available for adoption. — Read it at Florida’s WSVN


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