Pet Scoop: Cat Rescued After Three Days in London Tube, Man Hired With Service Dog

June 10, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Lucky survived for three days in the London Tube tunnels.
Lucky survived for three days in the London Tube tunnels.

Cat Survives in Tube Tunnels

Lucy Duff was afraid she’d never see her cat again after the feline escaped from her carrier at a London Tube station on Sunday night. The TfL, which maintains the subway system, agreed to send out a late-night search team and brought Duff along as the cat would recognize her voice. They had no luck, but they didn’t give up. “We’re pleased to report that Lucky that cat was found safe and well in the early hours of Thursday morning by one of our track patrolmen,” a spokesman told the U.K.’s Evening Standard. “Lucky appears to be ‘feline’ fine.” The cat, who lived up to her name, was found chasing a mouse in the tunnels. She was weak, dehydrated and dirty but otherwise fine, and was taken to the RSPCA before she was reunited with her owner. “Exhausted but home. Miracles really do happen,” Duff posted on Facebook Thursday. — Read it at the U.K.’s Telegraph

Study: Caribbean Sperm Whales Have Distinct Culture

Researchers have found that sperm whale social groups in the Caribbean each have their own dialect, or clicking pattern, and that the whales socialize exclusively with other sperm whales with the same accent. “They feed, they care for their families, they make really,reallydeep dives. But the way that they do all these things is different based on their culture,” said Shane Gero of the Dominica Sperm Whale Project. “The main way we identify these different cultures is their dialects.” The study was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. — Read it at National Geographic

Seagull Falls Into Curry Vat and Turns Orange

A seagull was scavenging for food scraps at a food factory in the U.K. when he fell into a waste container full of chicken tikka masala this week— and turned a brilliant, greasy orange. Workers at the factory rescued the bird and took him to Vale Wildlife Hospital, where his feathers were cleaned with dish soap. He returned to his white and gray colors — but a veterinary nurse at the hospital said he still smelled like takeout. “We've cleaned him up and he is doing well, with no upset tummy! Hopefully he'll stick to a much more bland diet in the future!!” said Lucy Kells. The seagull was nicknamed Gullfrazie, and he’s believed to be about 2 years old. He’ll be rehabilitated before he’s returned to the wild. — See photos at Yahoo News

Lowe's Canada hired Owen Lima and his 10-year-old service dog, Blue.
Lowe's Canada hired Owen Lima and his 10-year-old service dog, Blue.

Lowe’s Hires Man and Service Dog

Owen Lima cried tears of joy when a Lowe’s store manager in Canada told him he was hiring him — with his service dog. “It's so hard to find a job where people can accept me for the way I am and the fact that I have a service dog with me,” Lima recalled telling the manager. Lima suffers from a brain injury that can make it hard for him to understand what someone is saying. His service dog, Blue, helps Lima stay calm and avoid anxiety attacks when he gets frustrated. The manager, Paul Gallo, thought the pair would be perfect as customer service associates, who greet customers and manage shopping carts. They’ll each sport a red Lowe’s vest while on the job. News of the new hires shared on Facebook quickly went viral. "[Blue] being in the store has made my job easier to do," Lima said of his 10-year-old dog. — Read it at CBS News

Skinny Vinnie Gets a Forever Home

We have happy news about Skinny Vinnie, the formerly obese Dachshund who’s dropped more than half his weight in less than a year. The foster who’s helped him through his weight loss every step of the way has decided to adopt him! Melissa Anderson has been by Vinnie’s side while he stuck to a healthier diet, went swimming several times a week and walked for about an hour a day. She believes the dog, who was 38 pounds at his heaviest, gained his excess weight from eating table food with his previous owners. He’s now down to a healthy 15 pounds. “I can't imagine letting him go. He's always looking to see where I am and when I leave and come home, he's the happiest dog in the house that I'm home,” Anderson says. Vinnie joins three other Dachshunds in the Anderson family. — Read it at People Pets


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