Pet Scoop: Cat Saves Owners From Carbon Monoxide, Dolphin Birth Caught on Video

Sept. 26, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Tiger the hero cat saved his owners from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Tiger detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in his home.

Cat Alerts Ohio Couple to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Tiger knew something was wrong. The tabby, whose owners Michelle and Rod Ramsey went to sleep early because they didn’t feel well, cried at the side of their bed until they woke up. “He came into the bedroom, screaming in a cat voice,” said Michelle Ramsey. When her other cats started to stumble around the house, she called her veterinarian. A technician asked if she’d turned on the furnace, and Ramsey realized that her Ohio home must have been full of carbon monoxide. Firefighters said that they didn’t know how the couple and their pets had survived. Tiger’s grateful owners rewarded the feline with tuna, and said that he “gets lots of love — a little bit more now.” — Read it at Central Ohio’s 10 TV

Peanut Butter Recall Expands to Include a Dog Treat

Sunland, Inc. is recalling 76 kinds of peanut butter and almond butter after a product that it sold to Trader Joe’s stores was linked to a salmonella outbreak. One of the products, Dogsbutter, is a peanut butter that's made especially for canines. If you bought one of the recalled items, you can return it to your grocery store for a refund. — Read it at CBS News, and go to Sunland’s web site for the complete list of recalled items

Scientists Find That City-Dwelling Coyotes Stay Loyal to Their Mates

Many normally monogamous members of the dog family play the field when they move to the big city — but not coyotes. Scientists at Ohio State University were surprised to discover that coyotes in urban areas didn’t engage in polygamy, and the researchers didn’t find any evidence that the animals ever left a living partner to find another mate. “Even with all the opportunities for the coyotes to philander, they really don't,” said researcher Stan Gehrt. Past studies have found that other members of the dog family stray from their mates when they live in cities because groups of dogs live so close together. — Read it at Live Science

A rescued baby Grauer's gorilla gets a bottle at Virunga National Park.
A rescued Grauer's gorilla drinks from a bottle at Virunga National Park.

Two Kidnapped Baby Gorillas Are Rescued in the Congo

Wildlife authorities at the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park said on Monday that they'd located two infant Grauer’s gorillas who had been snatched from their families. "Baby gorilla trafficking is terribly damaging for endangered gorilla populations because many members of the gorilla's family will probably have been killed to obtain the infant," said park director Emmanuel de Merode. Grauer’s gorillas only live in the eastern Congo, and experts estimate that about 4,000 remain in the wild. A decision to allow oil exploration in the park may have put the animals at greater risk for poaching. — Read it at the AP via ABC News, and see photos from Virunga National Park’s blog

Amazing Dolphin Birth Caught on Camera

A just born dolphin calf takes off swimming in an incredible underwater scene that was captured on video at Dolphin Quest Hawaii. “I was enjoying the moment very much, how could you not when you’re seeing something so beautiful, seeing that miracle happen,” said Dolphin Quest’s Julie Rocho-Levine, who was in the water with the mom. (Warning: There is some graphic content in the video.) — Watch it at USA Today

Penguins Return to Sea Following South African Oil Spill

The South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) released 30 rehabilitated African penguins back into the wild near Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday. More than 200 penguins were found covered in oil earlier this month due to spillage from the Turkish Seli 1 ship that wrecked off the country's coast in 2009. Budget issues have kept the cargo ship from being removed, and bad weather caused the vessel to break apart, releasing more oil. — See the photos at NBC News

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