Pet Scoop: Cat Survives Journey on Container Ship, Swimming Cougar Caught on Video

July 31, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Pinay is still skittish, but is recovering well after two weeks in a shipping container.
Pinay is still skittish, but is recovering well after two weeks in a shipping container.

Stowaway Cat Travels 7,300 Miles

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control is seeking a home for a 4-year-old cat who was found in a freight container after arriving in L.A. on board a ship from the Philippines on July 16. She was weak and frail after two weeks without food or water, but she’s in fair condition after two weeks of treatments. She’s putting on weight and gaining strength. Hospital staff named the kitty Pinay, which is a common name for a female Filipino. Now, the shelter is looking for the right adopter for the skittish kitty. “Pinay has been through a lot and needs a calm, loving family to help her transition,” said the care and control group’s director, Marcia Mayeda, in a statement. Her story is similar to that of Ni Hao, a 3-month-old kitten who was found after stowing away on a ship from China to L.A. a year ago. — Read it from AP via Today

Wild Wolves Identified by Their Howls

Gray wolves have come back from the brink of extinction, and now scientists have found a way to use technology to track them. A sophisticated new method for analyzing the sound recordings of wolf howls can identify an individual wolf with 97.4 percent accuracy, according to research published in the journal Bioacoustics. Monitoring wolf populations has been inexact and labor intensive. The new method of tracking their howls could help with wolf counts and monitoring individual wolves. — Read it at National Geographic

Rescue Animals Visit Capitol Hill

About 50 dogs and cats who are available for adoption descended on the Capitol on Tuesday for the second annual "Paws For Celebration" event. Co-hosted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, the event recognizes shelters and rescue groups, and raises awareness about pet adoption. And, staffers said it was a welcome reprieve from their usual work in the Capitol. — Read it at the Huffington Post

A fishing group caught this video of a swimming cougar.
A fishing group caught this video of a swimming cougar.

Video Captures Swimming Cougar

While on a fishing trip to British Columbia for his father’s 70th birthday earlier this month, Seattle IT worker Todd Culos saw whales and otters — but he didn’t expect to see a cougar in the water. "For a couple of seconds, I thought it was an otter," Culos said, "but no, this thing has ears and is doing a doggy paddle." The sighting was rare but cougars have been known to swim from island to island while they’re hunting. Culos said his dad was “freaking out,” but the group managed to catch the memorable moment on video. — Watch it at Yahoo

Rare Monkey Born at Chicago Zoo

Weighing in at only a pound, a baby Francois’ Langur monkey was born on July 11 at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Little Pierre, who can be spotted easily with his orange color, is part of an endangered species of small monkeys who live along the border of China and Vietnam. Pierre’s orange coat will last for three to six months, when he’ll start to turn black like his mom and dad. For now, mom is getting lots of support from the other females in the group, who help carry the infant while his mom watches. — Watch it at ABC 7 Chicago


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