Pet Scoop: Cat Visits U.K. Pet Store Daily, Lady Gaga Mourns 17-Year-Old Dog

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Graham the cat makes daily trips to the Pets at Home store in Lincolnshire, England.
Graham the cat makes daily trips to the Pets at Home store in Lincolnshire, England.

Cat’s a Regular at Pet Store

Graham has found himself a home away from home at his local pet shop in Lincolnshire, England. He’s made a trip to Pets at Home, a U.K. chain, part of his morning routine, arriving long before the doors open at 9 a.m. nearly every day for the last three months. He stays for a few hours, playing with the store’s staff, who give him treats and entertain him, before strolling the aisles, watching the fish and rodents, and testing out the beds with a nap. “Initially we discouraged him from coming in, but he kept coming back,” said staff member George Tarbox. “We thought it wouldn’t be very good to keep shooing him out as pets are always welcome at Pets at Home, it’s just that they usually come in on a lead with their owners!” Graham has become “a bit of a celebrity,” with fans now making a trip to the store just to see him. — Read it at Life With Cats

Video Shows How Ticks Dig In

Like a horror flick out just in time for Halloween, a research video published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences this week might give you the chills. The close-up video shows how female ticks cut through their victim’s skin and then hang on for days to get their fill of blood. The European wood tick, a close cousin of the deer tick in the U.S., uses what look like two saws that cut and clear the way for a barbed sword to take hold in the skin. Both ticks, about the size of a poppy seed, carry Lyme disease. Once it’s attached, the insect can sit back and relax while it feeds. — Watch it at The New York Times

Reindeer Eyes Turn Blue for Winter

Scientists have found that the backs of reindeers’ eyeballs change from gold in the summer to blue in the winter so that they can capture more light during the dark months in the Arctic. Neuroscientist Glen Jeffery of the University College of London was so stunned by the change that he “almost fell off my chair.” Reindeer increase pressure inside the eyeball during the dark winter to compress fibers together, which results in their eyes reflecting bluer light. This is the first known instance of mammal retinas altering their structure for seasonal changes in light, the researchers said. Their findings were published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.— Read it at Live Science

Aquarist Emily Anderson carves the National Aquarium's logo into a pumpkin while underwater.
National Aquarium
Aquarist Emily Anderson carves the National Aquarium's logo into a pumpkin while underwater.

Aquarium Celebrates “Hallowmarine”

More than 700 residents of the National Aquarium’s Blacktip Reef will celebrate Halloween with an underwater pumpkin carving show. Pumpkins will be carved into the likenesses of the 65 species in the Baltimore, Md., aquarium’s exhibit today. Visitors will judge the best carvings before the works of art are devoured by the 20 sharks and other marine life in the aquarium. — Watch it on the Shark Cam

Plus: Land animals love a good pumpkin, too! Zoos around the world are letting their animals indulge in Halloween treats. — See photos at Today

Lady Gaga Mourns Dog Alice

The singer, 27, wore all black — including an elaborate facemask and hat — in London on Wednesday in a tribute to her beloved dog. Late Tuesday, Lady Gaga Tweeted that Alice had lost her battle with cancer at age 17. “My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost a member of our family," she said. The entertainer said it’s been “painful” to be away from home during this time. "I remember her laying [in] my bed, she knew when I was sad, or when I was sick. I should have been there," she wrote. "I just pray Alice found her wonderland." — Read it at People Pets


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