Pet Scoop: Cop Rescues and Adopts Abandoned Puppy, Rehabbed Seals Released in Alaska

August 14, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Spokane Valley, Wash., sheriff's deputy Marc Melville rescued this puppy from a roadside.
Spokane Valley, Wash., sheriff's deputy Marc Melville rescued this puppy from a roadside.

Sheriff’s Deputy Saves Puppy

Before dawn on Monday, Spokane Valley, Wash., sheriff’s deputy Marc Melville was finishing his shift when he heard a call over the radio saying that a man was dumping puppies on a roadside. When he went to check the scene, he quickly found one puppy and put him safely in his vehicle. Melville searched for the suspect and any other puppies but couldn’t find them. He returned to his car, and found that the one rescued puppy was determined to make him a forever friend. “With his shift at an end and realizing any attempt to resist the charm of his newfound furry friend would be futile, Deputy Melville brought the puppy home to give it food and water,” the sheriff’s office said on its Facebook page. “At last report, it appears this adorable puppy may have charmed his way into a very good home and is doing well.” The department reminded residents who can’t take care of their pets to contact their local animal protection services. — Read it from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook

Hannah Anderson Reunited With Cat

In accounts that have emerged after the missing San Diego teen’s dramatic rescue in Idaho, the horseback riders who saw Hannah Anderson and tipped authorities off to her whereabouts said they found it odd that she and her abductor had a housecat with them. "The only reason you bring a cat out there is to attract a mountain lion or a bear," said former sheriff Mark John, who was one of the riders. It was one of the oddities about the encounter that made them report the sighting. After her abductor, James DiMaggio, was shot and killed by the FBI on Saturday, 16-year-old Anderson was reunited with the gray cat. — Read it in the Idaho Statesman

Canine Distemper Found in Amur Tigers

A new study estimates that canine distemper virus, a disease commonly found in domestic dogs, has killed at least 1 percent of Russia’s Amur tigers since 2009. There are estimated to be fewer than 500 of the critically endangered species left in the wild. "Losing 1% of an endangered population is pretty significant," says Denise McAloose, head pathologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society and one of the study’s authors. "It's the first infectious disease that we know is a significant risk to Amur tiger survival." CDV can cause a fatal neurological disease. The study was published in mBio, the journal of the American Society for Microbiology. — Read it at Science Daily

Harbor seals Lyra, Dipper and Draco were released on an Alaska beach earlier this month.
Harbor seals Lyra, Dipper and Draco were released on an Alaska beach earlier this month.

Three Harbor Seals Released

Lyra, Dipper and Draco, three harbor seals who were named for constellations and nursed back to health at the Alaska SeaLife Center, were returned to the wild on Aug. 5. Local kids had a role in releasing the animals at Bishop’s Beach in Homer, Alaska. They helped open the seals’ crates, before standing back to watch them wiggle their way down the shoreline before swimming away. This week, an Alaska resident who happened to be at the beach that day shared a video she made documenting the release. — Watch it at YouTube and see more photos on Facebook

Dog Back With Family After 3 Years

It was Halloween night in 2010 when little Taz got loose or was stolen in Portland, Ore., said his owner, Brenda Davies. She and her family were devastated. They’d given up hope of finding the little dog, but then on Monday, they got a call from a veterinarian saying that Taz had been found. “I started crying instantly,” Davies said. Good Samaritans Donna and Bruce Cox had found the dog crossing a busy street and brought him to the vet to be checked for a microchip. The Davies aren’t sure where Taz has been for the last three years, but they’re grateful to the Coxes for their family’s happy reunion. — Watch it at Portland’s KOIN


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