Pet Scoop: Cop Snaps Selfie With Defiant Dog, Endangered Baby Gorilla Born in Chicago

Sept. 30, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Police officer selfie with Beauregard the Beagle
Bangor, Maine, Police Officer Eddie Mercier took this selfie with Beauregard the bandit Beagle.

Officer’s Selfie With Dog Goes Viral

Beauregard the Beagle is quite the outlaw in Bangor, Maine. The pooch was caught twice in 24 hours by the same police officer after escaping from his backyard. The second time, Officer Eddie Mercier decided to take a selfie with the repeat offender as he defiantly stuck his head out the back window of the police cruiser, before bringing him home. The photo was shared on the police department’s Facebook page, and went viral. “We do not normally share photos of those that are being taken into custody. In this case, we made an exception,” reads the department's post. “The look on his face is that of defiance. A true outlaw. Bandit. Scofflaw. There is no changing this jail dog. He is a wilding.” Mercier said Beauregard “has character, he has his own personality … I hope to see him again in a different light, on the straight and narrow path.” — Read it at People Pets

California Sees Spike in Fur Seal Strandings

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday that 80 Guadalupe fur seals have been found stranded along the coast of California this year — a huge jump from the average of 10 to 12 strandings a year. Sadly, only 11 of the emaciated seals survived rehabilitation and were released. Earlier this year, sea lion strandings reached record numbers on the California coast. Although the two species have different habits and ranges, both may be facing challenges from changes to the availability of food due to warmer Pacific waters, scientists said. — Read it at The New York Times

Blizzard the Fat Cat Loses Nearly 10 Pounds

Ten-year-old Blizzard weighed in at about 25 pounds when he was surrendered to the New Brunswick, Canada, SPCA over the summer. He was put on a strict diet and dropped four pounds before he went to a foster home. His foster mom, Hilary Bird, describes his weight loss in a blog post for CBC News. After a trip to the vet, she had a plan in place for an even stricter diet, daily walks and 15 minutes a day of rigorous play. She started sharing updates on Blizzard’s progress on Facebook, and he became something of a local celebrity. Blizzard is now down to a much healthier 16.5 pounds, and is available for adoption through the NWT SPCA. — Read it at Canada’s CBC News

Brookfield Zoo western lowland gorilla baby Zachary
Zachary, a western lowland gorilla baby, was born last week at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Rare Gorilla Baby Born

Little Zachary, a critically endangered Western lowland gorilla, was born on Sept. 23 to 11-year-old mom Kamba and 35-year-old dad JoJo at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. He joins a stable, four-generation family group at the zoo. JoJo is considered one of the most genetically valuable males in the Western lowland gorilla population in North American zoos. He’s proved to be very playful with his offspring. “We anticipate he will continue to be playful with Kamba’sinfantas it gets older,” said Craig Demitros, associate curator of primates for the Chicago Zoological Society, which runs the Brookfield Zoo. — Read it at Zooborns and see more cute baby animal photos

Little Panda Cub Has a Big Sneeze

While adorably napping with his mom at the National Zoo, baby panda Bei Bei had a brief interruption: a great big sneeze. The big sound from the little guy was caught on camera, and the video clip was shared on YouTube. Bei Bei got his name, which means “precious treasure,” from Michelle Obama and the first lady of China last week. On Monday, he weighed in at 4 pounds. He’s mom Mei Xiang’s third surviving cub. — Watch it at YouTube


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