Pet Scoop: Couple Drives 2,000 Miles to Adopt Blind Pup, Trapped Dog Rescued From Ravine

June 6, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers traveled 2,000 miles with Sotiras, left, to adopt Batty, right.
Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers traveled 2,000 miles with Sotiras, left, to adopt Batty, right.

Blind Dog Gets Blind Pal

When Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers spotted Batty, a blind Bulldog, on the Sacramento SPCA’s Facebook page last month, they were the first to apply to adopt him. They’d been looking to adopt a Bulldog, and they thought the fact that Batty was blind would make him the perfect pal for Sotiras, the blind dog they already had. The only problem? The couple lives in Wisconsin — 2,000 miles away. But that didn’t stop them. “On Friday, they hopped in the car with [Sotiras] and drove all the way to Sacramento!” the shelter shared in a Facebook post on May 22. “They spent the afternoon with Batty and his foster parents, adopted him, and got back in the car to drive all the way home! Bon voyage, Batty! (Guess you're a Packers fan now?)” Batty made fast friends with Sotiras, and is “full of love, cuddles and playfulness,” wrote Kraus. “Our hearts are so full of love right now and we cannot wait to start this journey with him.” — Read it at People Pets

Three New Frogs Discovered in Andes

Two new studies have described three new species of rain frogs in the Andes mountain range in Ecuador and Peru. Researchers from the Museo de Zoología at Catholic University of Ecuador found P. llanganati and P. yanezi in the Llanganates National Park. They both have a “spiky” look and develop directly into frogs without a tadpole stage. Meanwhile, a team of researchers from three more universities found P. pluvialis during nighttime fieldwork in a region close to Manu National Park in Peru. This frog also skips the tadpole stage but has a smoother skin and a distinct call. Both studies were published in the journal ZooKeys. — Read it at Discovery News via Seeker

One-Eyed Pug Adopted by Chicago Hotel

A 5-year-old Pug who was saved from a rural Tennessee shelter is now living a life of luxury at the Park Hyatt Chicago. The hotel’s manager, Walter Brindell, sits on the board of Paws, a non-profit that cares for injured animals and aids in their adoption. The group had helped nurse Parker, who’s missing her left eye, back to health after she was found in the Tennessee shelter in November. Brindell says after he learned about the Pug, he knew the hotel would be the perfect fit for her. “For me, its really about family and purpose. And this dog has been an unbelievable addition, more than I imagined,” Brindell said. “She's just been this warmth that brings this residential home feeling into the hotel.” — See photos at Today

Balta takes a break with her owner and rescuers after bring saved from a ravine in Washington.
Balta takes a break with her owner and rescuers after bring saved from a ravine in Washington.

Dog Rescued From Ravine

Rescue crews in North Bend, Washington, scrambled up difficult terrain for three hours to save a trapped dog on Saturday. Luckily, many of them were already in the area for a training session, so they were able to respond quickly when Balta slipped over a ridge and fell about 100 feet. “We helped the dog down by belaying her first for a bit until we were sure she could walk okay,” the Washington State Animal Response Team posted on Facebook. Balta and her owner then carefully made their way back down the trail and out of the wilderness. — Read it at Seattle’s KIRO

GoPro Video Shows Day in the Life of NYPD K9

Zane has a busy day at work that includes patrols, subway rides — and cuddles from kids. A new video from the NYPD shows what the transit dog’s workday is like from his point of view. K9 Zane wore GoPro, and the footage was shared by the NPYD on Facebook. “Here’s what keeping millions of riders on our New York Subways looks like, as captured by the ‪#‎ZaneCam,” the police department wrote in the post. — Watch it at the Daily Caller


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