Pet Scoop: Crews Save Dog From Dangerous Terrain, War Dog Returned to Ohio Soldier

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Angel was happily reunited with her owner after falling 400 feet over a cliff while hiking.
Angel was happily reunited with her owner after falling 400 feet over a cliff while hiking.

Dog Survives 400-Foot Fall

Angel, a 2-year-old white Labrador Retriever mix, was hiking with his owner in California’s Angeles National Forest Tuesday afternoon when he suddenly disappeared over a large boulder cliff. “I backtracked and I couldn't find him, but I could hear him crying down in the canyon," said owner Francine Banzali. After attempting to get to Angel herself, Banzali called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for help, and three rescue teams responded, due to the steep and dangerous terrain. They rappelled 400 feet down to where Angel was resting on a narrow ridge. The dog was visibly afraid, but the rescuers quickly won him over with beef jerky. They then strapped him into a special dog harness and lowered themselves and Angel another 200 feet to the bottom of the canyon, the sheriff’s department wrote on Facebook. Angel was “incredibly lucky” to survive with merely a scratch on his nose, said deputy Dan Paige. He was reunited with Banzali at the trailhead. — Watch it at Los Angeles’ KTLA

Rare Rhino’s Pregnancy Raises Hopes

A critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros is pregnant and expected to give birth to her second calf in May, conservationists announced Tuesday. Ratu, who wandered into an Indonesian Sumatran rhino sanctuary on her own 10 years ago, mated with the male rhino Andalas at the park in January. Sumatran rhino pregnancies last 16 months. There are only about 100 Sumatran rhinos left in the world, making the pregnancy particularly exciting. "One more rhino means one percent more animals. That is not a lot but it is certainly an upward trend," said Susie Ellis, director of the International Rhino Foundation. Ratu’s first baby, Andatu, was born in 2012. — Read it from Agence France Presse via Yahoo

World’s Oldest Male Panda Turns 30

Pan Pan celebrated his 30th birthday Monday at theGiant Panda Protection and Research CentreinSichuan Province, China, with his favorite treat: a three-layer ice cake with carrot decorations. Pan Pan is now the oldest living male panda in captivity. The panda was born in the wild and later rescued by the research center. He has spent the last 20 years helping to keep his species alive, fathering dozens of cubs. The oldest panda living in captivity is Jia Jia, a female who turned 37 over the summer. — Read it at People Pets

Ranger was reunited with Army Specialist John Nyerghes in Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday.
Ranger was reunited with Army Specialist John Nyerghes in Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday.

Soldier and War Dog Reunited

Army Specialist John Nyerghes was separated from the explosives detection dog he worked with in Afghanistan three years ago. Nyerghes has been searching for Ranger ever since, and on Tuesday, they were finally reunited. Ranger was one of 12 war dogs who were abandoned at Mt. Hope Kennels in Virginia by a private contractor. When Ranger arrived, he was suffering from a piece of shrapnel stuck in his tail that hadn’t been discovered. The kennel owner, Gary Meredith, paid for Ranger’s surgery and nursed him back to health. “Ranger’s my favorite,” he said. He worked with Mission K9 Rescue and the U.S. War Dogs Association to reunite Ranger with Nyerghes, and drove him from Virginia to Ohio, where he’ll now live with Nyerghes. "I owe him my life,” Nyerghes said. "I intend to spoil him for the remainder of his." — Watch it at WKYC

Woman Travels Across Country for Kitten

Maron Swanson kept seeing the story of a tiny gray kitten who firefighters in Miami saved from a filthy storm drain on Labor Day. The story reminded her of how she rescued kittens from a drain in South Dakota when she was 10, and her parents wouldn’t allow her to keep them. So, Swanson, who lives 2,700 miles away in West Hollywood, California, put her name on a list to adopt Storm. She was chosen as the kitten’s owner, and flew across the country Sunday to bring her new pet home. — Watch it at Miami’s Local 10


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