Pet Scoop: Crying Dog in Sad Video Gets Adopted, Trapped Kitten Saved From Manhole

May 2, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A heartbreaking video showed Juice crying in his kennel after a night away from the shelter.
A heartbreaking video showed Juice crying in his kennel after a night away from the shelter.

Offers Pour in for Shelter Pup

Juice spent 10 months at Montgomery County Animal Services. Last month, he got the chance to go home with a staff member for a “sleepover.” He had a wonderful time, and when he returned to the shelter the next day, he cried for hours. The shelter shared a heartbreaking video of his cries on Facebook — and it quickly led to a happy ending. “We have received hundreds of calls, emails and messages from folks all over the country (and the world) about our boy,” the shelter said. And a new video posted Thursday on Facebook shows Juice looking much happier as he heads to his forever home with his new owners. — Read it at People Pets

Circus Lions Arrive in Africa

Last week, we told you about the 33 rescued lions from South American circuses who were beginning their journey to a sanctuary in South Africa. They finally arrived at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary on Sunday after a 15-hour flight and an overnight drive, and got the chance to get out and explore their vast new home. "They've been deprived of everything that makes life worth living for a lion. I believe we have brought them back to paradise, where they belong," said Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International, the animal rights charity that organized their rescue. — Read it at

Stray Cat Makes Stanley Cup Appearance

Fans at the SAP Center were surprised to see a black cat wander onto the ice before the San Jose Sharks took on the Nashville Predators in Game 1 of their second round Stanley Cup playoff series on Saturday. The cat escaped from the ice and ran under the seats, where he was “safely retrieved” by the center’s staff. The Sharks named the cat Joe PAW-velski after team captain Joe Pavelski, and brought him to a local shelter. The shelter and the team are trying to find out if Joe has an owner, but if he doesn’t, there’s a long line of Sharks fans waiting to adopt him. — Read it at CBS Sports

Tera was covered in food that was used to lure her when she was pulled from a manhole.
Tera was covered in food that was used to lure her when she was pulled from a manhole.

Kitten Rescued From Manhole

After three long days, a 5-week-old kitten was saved from a manhole on a busy street in Phoenix. The Arizona Humane Society first got a call about meows coming from the street on Friday, but when they arrived on the scene, they couldn’t hear or see anything. Technician Kelley Mallon went back on Saturday and when she lay on the ground, she was able to hear the kitten’s cries — but she couldn’t figure out how to get to her. Finally, on Sunday, Mallon discovered she could reach the cat through a manhole in the middle of the street. City workers opened the manhole and Mallon used a long pole with a net baited with food to get ahold of the kitten and bring her to safety. Tera was found to be in good health, and Mallon is fostering her until she’s ready to go up for adoption. — Read it at Today

Dog and Owner Reunited After Years Apart

Two years ago, Jose fell on hard times when he went through a divorce, lost his home and had to live out of his car. Although it broke his heart, he temporarily sent his dog, Chaos, to live with a friend until he could get back on his feet. But when he went to get his dog back three months later, the people caring for him wouldn’t give Chaos up. He didn’t think he’d ever see his dog again, but last week, Chaos was found in the driveway of a Winnebago County, Illinois, Animal Services staff member. He was taken to the shelter, and a scan of his microchip led the shelter to Jose. "I couldn't get to the shelter fast enough, I couldn't wait for it to open to see Chaos!" Jose said, reported Illinois’ WREX. Once Chaos realized it was really Jose, a video from the shelter shows him excitedly greeting his long-lost owner. “This is just a miracle!” Jose said. — Watch it from Illinois’ Winnebago County Animal Services via Facebook


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