Pet Scoop: Cute Baby Apes Get Their Names, Olympians Work to Clear the Shelters

July 21, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A chimp hand-reared by her keepers will be named Ruw.
A chimp hand-reared by her keepers will be named Ruw.

Baby Chimp Named for Keepers

A female chimpanzee who was rejected by her mom days after her April 1 birth has now been named in honor of the team of keepers who have been caring for her around the clock ever since. Ruw (pronounced Rue) is short for Ruwenzori, the nickname for the Kansas City Zoo’s team of chimpanzee keepers. In their care, Ruw has been thriving. They’re working on finding Ruw a surrogate mom for when she’s able to rejoin the chimp group. The zoo also announced that a critically endangered Bornean orangutan who was born on May 23 to first-time mom Josie got his name recently, too. He’ll be known as Dusty. — See photos at Zooborns

Study: Hummingbirds Wired to Avoid Collisions

Researchers from the University of British Columbia set up a tunnel and projected patterns on its sides to study how hummingbirds can fly up to 30 miles per hour without colliding with the objects in their path. "When objects grow in size, it can indicate how much time there is until they collide, even without knowing the actual size of the object," said the study's lead author, Roslyn Dakin. "Perhaps this strategy allows birds to more precisely avoid collisions over the very wide range of flight speeds they use." The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. — Read it at Discovery News via Seeker

Amazing Photo Shows Breaching Whale

An amateur photographer captured an incredible moment when a massive humpback whale breached just feet from a boat off the coast of Sydney, Australia. John Goodridge, 52, snapped the picture while he was out on a tour with a whale-watching agency on his day off on Tuesday. Goodridge said he’s been taking pictures of whales as a hobby for the last year, and this was the closest encounter with a whale that he’s seen. — See photo at ABC News

A little orange tabby kitten was saved from a drain by Miami firefighters.
A little orange tabby kitten was saved from a drain by Miami firefighters.

Kitten Rescued From Miami Drain

Emergency dispatchers in Miami got a call at 2 a.m. Tuesday reporting someone was stuck in a sewer. But when the firefighters arrived on the scene, they discovered that the cries were actually coming from a tiny kitten. The firefighters removed the grate, lowered a ladder into the drain, and firefighter Oscar Aguilera climbed down into the watery sewer to save the kitten. The rescuers believe the kitten was stuck down there for at least a day or two. They cleaned the little guy and warmed him up with a towel, then brought him to a veterinarian to be checked out. — Watch it at Miami’s WSVN

Olympians Push to Clear the Shelters

Two weeks before the start of the Rio Games, many of the stars of the U.S. Olympic team are doing their part to help find homes for some adorable shelter animals. NBC Universal, which airs the games, says it wants to Clear the Shelters on Saturday, July 23 — so the pets can snuggle up on the couch with their new owners to watch the competitions. Athletes including swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, and gymnasts Gabby Douglas and Missy Franklin, posed with puppies for a photo shoot to promote the one-day, nationwide campaign. This is the second year for the Clear the Shelters event, which helped find homes for 20,000 pets last year. — See photos at People Pets


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