Pet Scoop: Deputies Save Puppy Stuck in Drain Pipe, Big Dog Has Huge Litter of Pups

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A puppy has a new home with a sheriff's deputy who rescued him from a septic drain.
A puppy has a new home with a sheriff's deputy who rescued him from a septic drain.

Deputy Adopts Puppy He Saved

A puppy in St. Lucie County, Florida, is now happily curled up on a soft, dry bed after being rescued from a stinky — and scary — situation. Two sheriff’s deputies were serving legal papers recently when they heard whimpering sounds. When they searched the vacant lot next door, they found a puppy who’d fallen into a collapsed septic drain. The dog was “scared and exhausted” from struggling to get out, according to a Facebook post shared Tuesday by the sheriff’s office. “They pulled him out, gave him several baths and attempted to locate an owner in the neighborhood,” the post said. “Not finding anyone, the pooped pooch was adopted by the deputy that rescued him and is now enjoying a life in the lap of luxury.” The post included several photos of the pup, including a couple of him looking quite content in his new home. — Read it at California’s ABC 7 News

Study: Fish Can Recognize Human Faces

Scientists at Oxford University have discovered that the archerfish has the ability to tell one human face apart from another. The tropical species is best known for spitting jets of water to shoot prey out of the air. The fish usually take aim at bugs, but they were taught to spit at pictures of human faces displayed on a computer monitor outside of their aquarium. They were shown two faces and taught to spit at one of them in exchange for food. The researchers then tested whether the fish would recognize the face that they’d learned among 44 others — and they got it right 80 percent of the time. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. — Read it from AFP via Seeker

Military Veterinarians Honored With Monument

A bronze sculpture representing the 100-year history of the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps was unveiled last week at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. The life-size monument has four scenes, including a World War I Veterinary Corps officer with a horse; a Vietnam era officer with a microscope to signify the corps’ contributions to medical research; a Cold War era officer inspecting rations; and a modern era veterinary officer treating a military working dog. “I put all of my heart and all of my soul into every one of my commissions. And this one has it all, plus a little bit more," said Donna Dobberfuhl, the San Antonio artist commissioned to create the monument. — Read it from the Army

Bailey, a 4-year-old African Boerbel, has 18 healthy puppies.
Bailey, a 4-year-old African Boerbel, has 18 healthy puppies.

Alabama Dog Has Huge Litter

A 4-year-old African Boerboel named Bailey gave birth to 19 puppies on April 28 at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama. Her veterinarian decided to do a C-section to deliver the puppies after a radiograph showed the mom was carrying at least 14 puppies. Sadly, one of the pups didn’t survive, but the 18 others are now back at home, happy and healthy. Bailey’s owners, Jerry and Angie Turner, and a nanny helped the new mom through the first few days, helping to keep the pups on a schedule of feedings every four hours. But Bailey quickly got a handle on things, and is now able to care for the litter on her own. — Read it at People Pets

Blind Dachshund and Guide Pup Get New Home

A pair of bonded Dachshunds is starting a new life with a Washington state couple who adopted them from a rescue group. The dogs were abandoned in Oregon and brought to a shelter, which called Salem Dogs. Veterinarians who work with the group noticed that Herbie had problems with his eyesight and could likely see only shadows — but Hilda showed how she’d shepherd him around and protect him. “We knew immediately they needed to be adopted as a pair," said Salem Dogs’ Diane Young. John and Dorothy Sinnar, who recently lost their 16-year-old Doxie to old age, spotted an online listing for the pair and knew they had to meet them. They drove five hours south and adopted Hilda and Herbie last week. — See photos at the New York Daily News


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